Presents FBNAext Beta Release 1 by LSteam
On 4th Oct 2002, Lantus and TMaul coded and released the original FBA-X Beta 1 for the Xbox. Almost 8 years later the old team has reformed and in association with Logic Sunrise is proud to present FBANext - FB Alpha for the Xbox 360.
FB Alpha (formerly Final Burn Alpha), based on the original Final Burn source code, is a multi-arcade emulator.
FBANext is a native port on the Xbox 360 Platform.


- Supports Capcom CPS-1 roms
- Supports Capcom CPS-2 roms
- Supports Capcom CPS-3 roms
- Supports Cave roms
- Supports Neo Geo roms
- Supports Sega System 16 (and similar), System 18, X-Board, Y-Board roms
- Supports Toaplan roms
- Supports Taito 68k roms
- Supports Psikyo 68EC020/SH2 roms
- Supports PGM roms
- Supports Konami roms
- Supports Sega Megadrive roms (savestates not supported)
- Support for other misc stuff the authors like.
- Full graphics/sound
- Supports up to 4 controllers
- 100% full speed emulation on most drivers.
- Savestate support.
- Clean and easy to use menu system.
- Support for almost 3000 roms.
- Previews/Titles
- Rom filtering
- 13 different software graphics filters
- 2 different hardware graphics filters
- Strech/Aspect mode settings
- Dip Switch Options
- Configurable Controller Options
- Multiplayers mode (1-4 players)
- Source code provided.
- Native 16/9 Mode support for SF3.2 (cps3)


Install, Play and enjoy :)

InGame Menu / Exit rom : "LT + RT + RB"

Service Mode : "LT + RT + RBump"

FBANext has been a long process. I got the idea of coding this many months ago. It was apparent that initial builds would be problematic. FBAlpha was developed purely for Win32 or Little Endian environments. Unlike most other source code, there is no easy Big Endian define to enable. Many weeks of frustration let to initial breakthrough of some CPS1 games working. From there it has been many hours of fixing each driver to work on a big endian platform.
Not every rom has been tested. With almost 3000 roms, its practically impossible to find every single issue. So we need your help. Please use the source code repository to log any issues you find. We are confident however, that around 90% of roms run correctly.

Also, keep in mind that some drivers have some slowdown. Taito and some Sega 16 stuff in particular. Since most of the focus has been driver related work and endian issues, very little performance optimization has been done. This will be addressed in future releases. For now, disabling any filtering should get around the issue.
The source code has been provided. We feel that teams not releasing source code for their homebrew is only hurting the 360 scene. We encourage you to play with the code and do anything you want with it. Keep in mind this is an unofficial port so please don't bother the official FBAlpha developers with any Xbox related issues. If you are interested in becoming a committer or contributor in the source code repository please contact me. Also, be aware that we are a small team and like to keep it that way. You will need to prove yourself and show us something good before you we can make you a code committer.
Finally we have tried to make the source code portable. Wii/PS3 versions should be possible using the SDL input and Graphics code. For ports to other big endian platforms you will need to provide your own burner interface. Unfortunately we arent able to build under these environments but maybe some other talented people/teams can give it a shot.


FBAnext is an open source Project. The goal is to give more people the ability to port easily others systems, with features  develpped in FBAnext, like full screen 1080P resolution, graphic filtering and other stuff. If you're interested, all contacts are at the end of this NFO.

- Code optimizations
- Better button config options (Macros/Presets etc)
- Driver fixes we missed this time around
- Rom Auditing
- Cheats
- Patches
- 68k CPU overclock option
- Better aspect ratio/full screen modes to fit different size screens
- Anything else we forgot.

- Savestates may be a little flaky.
- European region Genesis/Megadrive roms run poorly. For now run the USA/NTSC versions instead.
- Skin issues.

All donations are welcome at this adresse :

LSteam : / /
FBAnext forums support FR / US (Want to join us for developping ?) :

FBAlpha Official Site -
FBNext Source Code repository -
My development blog -
Thanks To
Artik - for QA testing/Skin support and general support
XingXing - for providing help and advice on the PGM system.
ekeeke - for help with endian issues and the m68k emulation
iq_132 and the FBAlpha team
r0wdy and Team Avalaunch