MIKXBOX 3.1.10
Brought to you by PeteGabe

This is a port of MikMod/MikWin 3.1.10 to XBOX for all the tracker music fans. It supports like
18 different formats, thats why its 514 KB. I've included full source b/c its GPL. 

Include MIKXBOX.lib in your libraries. For easiest use just include music.h in your main program.
I have a thread system already setup that should work in most cases. For more detailed info, look
in the docs in the source directory.

GARP (inspired my love of tracker music), the people who can code in #XFACTOR, NAPALM(PSX)

This took me about an hour to figure out that I needed to convert from C to CPP to even get
DirectSound on XBOX. I also had to remove all the old DirectX 6 code that isn't compatible