OdysseyX Odyssey 2 Emulator port for XBox v3

goto http://www.ressurectionxtras.net/ for latest cheats, rumbles, synopsis and skin updates.

*** Changes To OdysseyX Core ***

Looks like x-port (or someone) was working on updating Odyssey to the latest core code (1.18). I'm not sure how "complete" this conversion was. But this much I do know..

* load and save state work now. They did not in the previous "official" release.
* Rewind is active as well.
* Record/Playback doesn't really work. The savestate is not saving whatever is responsible for generating random numbers.

* The "official" release never did work with .zip files. Now it does.
* I don't think it ever had an "onscreen keyboard", now it does.
* Game volume is now saved with each game. That way the user can better balance the sound in games that use the voice module.
* Given the full "Madmab Edition" treatment.
* New dual-preview skin to support Ressurection Xtra's.  Say thank you to Gilou9999 for the skin.
* "Auto Game Configurations (aka Configuration defaults)" added (see below description).

* "Move Selected to the Garbage Folder?" now has a new option.. "Never Move".  So "Yes" will ask before moving the selected file to the Garbage folder.  "No" will just move the file and "Never Move" won't move the file at all.

* New feature "Seconds before playing movie" determines how long the emu will wait before playing a movie.  The default is half a second.  This will help speed up rom browsing.  Especially useful for people streaming stuff (like movies) across the network.

* If streaming movies from across the network and the user press on the dpad or a, b, x or y the emulator will abort the transfer.  This should help speed up rom browsing and allow the user an "out" especially for the larger movies.

* Pressing the back key while viewing a games synopsis will toggle between a fixed font and the skins proportional font.
* Fixed an issue with the software filters displaying garbage.
* Activated the "Keep user Within ROM Directory Tree?" which I somehow missed.
* Fixed up the box/cart art position on a few skins.
* Fixed a problem where setting the box/cart orientation was screwed up.
* Fixed the bug that screwed up Gilou's skin to begin with (too weird to explain).  :P

Here is a list of the "changes" in the core. Maybe it can be verified if these "fixes" actually work. I'm not super familar with the O2. Although I did have one back in the day. Big KC munchkin fan here.. 

- quad display fix: changed the way quad chars are drawn, fixes problems in KTAA as well as score display in Black Hole and Red Baron (Soeren Gust)
- support for Soerens MegaCART bank switching (No clue what games use this)
- removed the limit that KTAA was the only 3K enabled rom (every rom divideable by 3K is allowed now)
- new feature to save the highscore in games (F6 to set in game) (Seems like this would be a cool feature to enable)
- fixed the "double size sprites are shifted only 1 instead of 2 pixels" bug (no clue what games this fixes)
- ATLANTIS, FROGGER, COMANDO NOTURNO and CATCH THE BALL now work without graphic bugs. This correction is based on a specific patch for each game.
- Fixed a slowdown in Pick Axe Pete
- Different palette used for Videpac Plus games
- Added support for 12kb and 16kb games. Trans American Rally+ works now.
- Added fixes to the VP+ gfx emulation made by Soeren Gust. Flashpoint works properly now.
- Fixed a bug in the emulation of the DAA instruction, which caused bugs in the score of several games (Le Tresor Englouti, Cosmic Conflict, etc.).
- Fixed instruction timings (no clue what games this affects)

*** To Do For OdysseyX ***

- Eh?

*** Interface Related Changes ***

A gazillion changes, read the Latest-Snes9x.txt file.


**** Carryovers from Atarixlbox ****

A gazillion changes carried over from Atarixlbox.  Read the Latest-Snes9x.txt file.

*** "Auto Game Configurations (aka Configuration defaults) for select emulators ***
In the "General settings" menu there will be a new option.

"Automatically Use Default Game Configuration - Yes/No"

If the user sets it to "Yes" it will bring up the game configuration screen and let the user define the default (if no default.stg and default.key file exists).

In the "Configuration" menu there will be a new option... "Set default game configuration"

The user can go in anytime thru the "Configuration" menu to change these "defaults" to something else if they wish.

Once set to "Automatically use Default Game Configuration" the user will not see the game configuration screen again unless they... a) press X when selecting a game. Change "Use Default Game Configuration" back to "No".

Keep in mind when it is set to "Yes" the game will use your "Default game settings" and not the normal x-port behavior. If set to "No" the emulator will behave like it usually does. Each emu is typically different. But all, at the very least carry the controller settings over.

This feature will only be added to emulators in which it is feasible to use.