!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!i take no responsibility for any damage done to your xbox. i put this together to make it easier for me and me only so if you use it it is on your head. 
Quick how to 
must have tsop points connected to flash. if you dont know what a tsop point is stop now. 

1. get memory save to xbox hdd how you do this is up to you(Memory Card Works best). 

2. start 007 and load save from hdd. 

3. evox will come up. if you havent put a bios in the bios dir already you can ftp one to the box now. 

4. you can now copy evox to hdd with the last option. do this first. (when you flash it resets. you can copy later but you will have to reload 007) 

5. now goto system utils menu and run the flash util when it resets you have a modded xbox and evox is installed what you do then is up to you. the evox that loads from 007 is signed the installed evox is original so it's not signed this means that even if it is installed it will not run unless the box is flashed.