libSDLx360 V0.01
SDL Library for Xbox 360 Consoles

I've had this code for quite some time but its good enough to release. This code is based off the original libSDLx code I wrote for the Xbox over 6 years ago. 

The original DX8 audio/video calls were replaced by DX9 stuff and XAudio2 code to work with the Xbox 360.  

This is just the source code to build the libraries. No binaries are included so its 100% legal!


Archive contains 3 folders:

- libSDLx360 contains main SDL project source code
- SDL_ttf360 is SDL TTF project source code
- SDLTest is a sample project showing a simple test of SDL

Basic SDL functionality is up. Graphics/audio/threads/filesystem/joysticks are all in and working nicely.


- Lots of optimizations 
- Mouse/Keyboard/cdrom code is not written (yet)
- SDL Mixer doesnt exist (yet) 


Any source code patches people have will be helpful. Im especially looking into DX9 rendering optimizations and improvements to the software blitter code. Thanks :)


Greets to the scene.