XM360 version 0.7- By Team XeDev

Typical usage:
Launch XM360.xex
Choose Scan All - This will show you all XBLA titles installed (choose Unlock to unlock them if needed)
Choose Collection Manager 

Once in the Collection Manager you will see a list of all known XBLA titles.  They will be marked as:
"Have" - it is installed
"Missing" - it is missing
"Ignored" - it is ignored

A title reaches the "Ignored" state by selecting it in the list, and pressing the "X" button.

The "Y" button will filter the list in the following order:
ALL (all existing titles)
Just Missing
Just Have
Just Ignored

After you are done, you should find a file in the root of your usb stick called xbla_report.txt.  That will list all of your missing titles.  

As more XBLA titles come out, you can place a file in the root of your usb stick called xbla_titles.csv.  A simple perl script which creates this file can be found with this release.

run it as follows:
perl scrapeMS.pl > xbla_titles.csv

version history:

Version 0.2:
*Added version display to screen
*Search 3 different paths for installed XBLA titles
*    hdd:\\Content\\0000000000000000
*    usb:\\Content\\0000000000000000
*    usb:\\360dashit\\Content\\0000000000000000


Version 0.3 -- Jan, 17th, 2010:
* Changed source of data so now we have released date, rating (0 thru 20), and number of ratings
* The "B" button will change what you are sorting on (title, release date, rating, number of ratings)
* MAKE SURE that you delete your old xbla_titles.csv on the root of your USB drive if you have one there 
* New script to recreate the database is included, but it take *MUCH* *MUCH* longer to run if you need to run it (you should only need it once a week or so when new titles are released, if you care to be that up-to-date)


Version 0.4 -- Jan 20th, 2010:
* Added ability to launch titles directly from the Scan list, or the Collection Manager List  (for  titles that you actually have) [use the A button]
* added support for multiple usb devices being connected
* More information is added the the resulting xbla_report.txt so you can choose to ignore missing titles that are rated very low.
* Some titleIds are intentionally duplicated since they exist in the wild, but aren't on the MS web site.  You should simply "Ignore" (with the X button) the versions that you don't have (assuming you care about such things)


Version 0.5 --
* Added support for all screen resolutions
* Added button to return to dash.  This might take a bit of time since this is when it writes the report file to the USB stick.  This also means that if you exit via the center X on the controller, the report won't get written (unless you had clicked on Scan, which exits the Collection Manager and also causes it to write the report)
* Added titles that you have, and that are excluded to new sections of the report.  The Have titles include their full path.  This can help you figure out why NXE can't see them, but XM360 can.


Version 0.6b -- Jan 30th, 2010
* Massive rewrite to support DLC (so, expect some bugs)
* Supoort for viewing your installed DLC, and unlocking it
* layout isn't great, but it works well enough for now
* the button to unlock DLC *only* affects the DLC currently listed.  So, if you want to unlock it all, make sure you have selected the <All> category
* the xbla_report.txt is written any time you exit the Collection Manager, so expect it to be a little slow.  I'll probably add a button for the next release.
* Include "hdd:\\360dashit\\Content\\0000000000000000" as a source of XBLA files
* When sorting by ratings, higher number of raters counts for more.  Also, highest ratings are at the top now, not the bottom
* 0.6b fixes launching correct titles from within Collection Manager


Version 0.7 -- Feb 10th, 2010
* Further massive rewrites :-)
* Automatically scan on launch, showing progress
* That ugly fixed-width font is gone, except where needed (the XBLA Collection Manager list)
* Support for DLC "Collection Management" - it's integrated into the "Show DLC" scene.  Be sure to use LB and RB to change views.  Note there are *lot's* of missed matches, mostly because what is *inside* the DLC files doesn't match what is on the marketplace web site.  Because of this, there is also the ablity to show content which you have, but wasn't scraped from the web site.
* There is a button to write the DLC report.  It takes a while, and only includes information on DLC for which you have at least one title.
* Like scraping for XBLA, there is an included scrapeMS_DLC.pl perl script.  It takes a very long time to complete.  You shouldn't need it often.  XM360 will search for a file called DLC_titles.csv before using the one included in the package.
* There's a button to generate the XBLA_report.txt instead of doing it all the time.
* Entirely new support for Title Updates.  Including the ability to Delete them.
* Support for deleteing XBLA titles.
* Support for deleteing DLC titles.