Freestyle XBOX 360 Dashboard

version 1.0


I decided that instead of focusing of file copying and browsing operations,
i would make the game launching and browsing as good as i could.


FTP Support. (Slow at moment)
List XBOX 360, XBOX Live, Application and Emulators, and launch them.
Support for artwork for each title, including boxart, screenshots and icon.
Use pc to download artwork to xbox either via usb drive or ftp.
Browse games by genre.
Favourite games support.
Game details including no of players, resolution, sound and online options,
Fullscreen screenshot viewer.
Fully skinable.
Uses indexer to allow you to download artwork, and edit the metadata with
each game.
Customizable overscan so you can set the dash to display all its information
even when other launchers cant.
Source code released too.

When first launching, you will be asked if you want the dashboard data
storing on the usb drive or xbox hdd. If you choose usb, you can run the
indexer with the drive connected to a pc, or via ftp while its still
connected to the xbox. If you use the internal xbox drive, you can still
run the indexer on the xbox via ftp.

The ftp server is quickly thrown together and needs a fair bit of work 
still but it works great for copying small stuff to the xbox. I would
suggest launching xexmenu for now to copy games via ftp. It is mainly
included to allow the indexer to be run without having to disconnect the
usb drive every time you add a new game.

Artwork wise, i have hosted all the icons i have available, so if any are
missing let me know which. For the boxart and screenshots, the indexer 
uses the xbox marketplace for most content. Games that arent listed use
an alternate url for the main xbox site, but these need to be added manually
so some may be missing. The file for this is automatically updated so
if games have no info you can either wait for me to add them to the list or
edit the altgames.xml file yourself.

When the dash first scans your content, it takes a while as it extracts any
icons etc it finds. This is all cached though so subsequent launches of the
dashboard are quick.

The first run of the indexer will take quite some time, as it has got a lot
of artwork to get, so please be patient with it.

Thanks to dstruktiv for the XBLA launching code and network enable code.

Thanks to all feedback from 360 dashit indexer users, as this is what that
project has turned into.