UltraXLE v1.0a
UltraHLE for the Xbox
Written by oDD. 18-06-2003


- Graphics
- Save states
- Sound
- 4 Controller support


- Should be same compatibility as the original UltraHLE. 
  There are numerous sites on the internet which have lists.
- I will be working on increased compatibility for the next

Known Issues

- No ZIP support YET.
- Sound is jumpy for waverace.
- Flames in zelda are white. I don't know the combine mode 
  equivalent in Direct X. This will be fixed in the next version.

For Original Xbox Controller

N64    		Xbox
Start           Start
L               Back
R               Right Trigger
Z               Left Trigger
Dpad            Dpad
Stick           Left Stick
A               A
B               X
C-Buttons       White, Y, Black, B

For Xbox Controller S
N64    		Xbox
A               White
B               Black
C-Buttons       Y, X, B, A

- During gameplay press the Right Thumbstick to goto the menu.
  From here you can save the game or exit back to the main menu.

How to Install
- Copy all the files to your xbox.
- Put your roms in \Roms\
  Unzip them first if they are zipped.
- Run default.xbe as you normally would.

Personal Notes
UltraHLE is small, fast, lightweight and is a classic. 
Also I felt like a challenge for my first Xbox app.

Got any bug reports?
Email me at [email protected]
Please no bitching about roms not working or asking when the next release will be out.