This was origonaly made for poeple afflicted by The shadowcomplex alpha birckfans.xex
it was made as a fix, had no other purpose until retail was hacked, this is why its officialy released now. 


www.Assemblergames.com (home of the obscure)

Patriot    ( coding the changes )

Tyler      ( Testing varios aspects and idea for the fix )

Diminished ( for creating brickfan.xex, leading us to create these tools as a fix)

IceKiller  ( help with Xlast for retail convershion )

Release Notes:

Thanks patriot from assemblergames.com
withought you well this would not exist

*run xex file from laucher
*reboot console
*your fans now spin at the desired speed



* now has speed 77
* changes speed to AUTO



*First Official release*

*decrypted with XexTool, for use with retail

* Added Container files to be ran on retail without loader, 
Just put them in Content/ect, like regular con files, and launch from dashboard.


Next release, to have more speeds, until then cheers.