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abgx360 v1.0.2 released!

Changes affecting all platforms:

- Added support for 4th Wave PFI/Video
- Added support for SS v2
- Added the new check for DMI corruption which the database has been using
  since 2009/06/14
- Added ability to at least try to verify the game data when no Xex/SS ini is
  available and we're not going to AutoFix
- Added support for Avatar Awards
- Added option to select your preferred language to use when displaying strings
  from the Xex title resource
- Added drag & drop support for the GUI Input panel
- Added option to embed images in the HTML source code as data URIs for better
  portability (when using HTML output)
- Added JavaScript to HTML output that allows you to check off achievements
  and see the achieved text (especially useful when the how-to text is vague)
- Added a Donate button to the GUI so you can help me pay the bills and
  continue working on improvements :)
- Removed "Look for verified files in the local folder only" option from the
  GUI. I can't tell you how many people have checked this box without reading
  it because they saw it in a tutorial or someone else told them to do it, and
  then they can't figure out why abgx360 says you need to enable online
  functions. Please stop writing/following tutorials! Just read the Quickstart
  topics, the tutorial is right there.
- Checking for updates to GameNameLookup.csv is now optional (the csv was
  eating 50% of our bandwidth and you probably don't need it anyway since the
  game name can be retrieved directly from the Xex)
- Fixed a bug where folders would be considered files when parsing the ISO
  filesystem on some recent games
- Fixed a bug where default.pe (a temporary file used when decompressing a
  compressed default.xex) wasn't being deleted automatically
- Fixed a bug where unicode code point 160 (no-break space) would be displayed
  in a CLI window as " ?" instead of " "
- Small changes to the way some messages are displayed (harder to miss)

Changes affecting Windows:

- Now storing data files in the AppData folder to prevent errors related to
  permissions and UAC. You can open the GUI and hit Ctrl+F to find out where
  your StealthFiles are now stored and optionally have it opened for you.
  abgx360 will still check for Video ISOs in the old install directory first
  though, so you don't need to move that 3rd Wave Video ISO if you have it
  saved there already.
- Using libcurl 7.19.6 which should hopefully fix some strange connection
  problems affecting a small percentage of users

Changes affecting Linux/BSD:

- Fixed a bug on 64 bit systems which made it impossible to read PFI/Video
  exceptions from abgx360.dat
- Added code to the unix version of kbhit() to prevent hanging when abgx360 is
  launched as a background process

Changes affecting Mac OS X:

- Fixed a bug where abgx360 would fail to launch if you supplied a filename
  that contained an apostrophe
- Changed the dark gray text used for things like achievement type to normal
  gray since it was actually showing up black (invisible on a black background)
- Removed GUI option to "Use Terminal font characters" (this refers to a
  Windows font which replicates CP437 characters and not Terminal.app)

Special Note: It's recommended to wait for iXtreme LT (Lite Touch) before you
play any more backups or originals on an unbanned console flashed with custom


abgx360 v1.0.1 released!

Changes affecting all platforms:

- Added PFI/Video exceptions for "Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3 -
  Senior Year" and "Monsters vs. Aliens"
- Added support for new PFI/Video exceptions to be quickly added (and existing
  ones removed if necessary) via updates to abgx360.dat
- Fixed a bug which caused a blank or incomplete .dvd file to be considered
- GUI font size is now adjusted at runtime to prevent cut off text on some

Changes affecting Linux/BSD:

- Fixed a bug on 64 bit systems which made it impossible to add SplitVid
- GUI "Maximize it" option now works with latest xterm
- Numerous small changes to eliminate errors and warnings on latest gcc/g++


abgx360 v1.0.0 is finally here to save you from the BAN HAMMER!

Very easy to use.
Runs natively on practically any operating system.
All the info you could want is contained in the GUI.
If you still need a tutorial or you plan to write one, you're an idiot.

Enjoy and thanks to everyone involved! You know who you are!