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| XSAVESIG - Game Save Signature Calculator |
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|           Presented by: Team X4           |
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Calculates and displays the "signature" for XBox game save data based on a 
specified authentication key.

* Generic, for possible uses other than just calculating game save signatures
* Close adherance to the specifications of the algorithms
* Better memory management and optimizations for use with files larger than game saves
* Supports variable key sizes for possible use beyond game saves
* ANSI C compliant for compatibility with other compilers and platforms
* Performs as intended without the need to include any legally questionable content 
  (i.e. Microsoft's secret keys).

FIPS 180-1 Secure Hashing Algoritm-1 implementation
by Christophe Devine <[email protected]>

RFC 2104 Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication implementation and it's use
as it applies to XBox game save "signatures".

Credits: XBox-Linux Project, Team Assembly, Team X4, JKW, habibi_xbox, anonymous

This program is licensed under the GPL.