MednafenX-NES - NES Emulator for XBox v12b (Public Beta) -> brief change description.

Read latest_nes.txt for full list of changes.

Special thanks..

RessurectionX, and Gilles9999 for giving the project legs when it needed them.  
Frank Morris for some suggestions.
Cospefogo.. For a spankin' new default keyboard look.
Mega_Man_(?) for being crazy enough too volunteer to enter tons of gamegenie codes.
Gilles for some rumble codes.
Nes6502 for the proposal on the Synopsis format
Thanks to all involved for doing the missing movie previews and filling out the Synopsis for the NES.  Rx, Gilles, Justgoonies, and Mega_Man_(?).
XTecuterX73... Where are you man?
Anybody else my brain dead self forgot.

What's New:

Dynamic Skin with Dual Screenshot Movie Previews
DYNAMIC MEDNAFENX PM3 skin by Gilou9999 (read the readme.txt in his skin folder).
There is an alternate synopsis background in the skin directory.  Feel free to try it (just rename it to "synopsis.jpg)

Lots of interface updates.

This is mostly an interface update with all the changes I've made over the past few months.  It's basically a public beta to (hopefully) drum up some interest and give everyone a taste of what's ahead.  If you feel like signing up head over to the RessurectionXtras thread at and volunteer.
If you have any questions head over to that thread, or the official release thread.  I have a few tips for working with the .dat files.

Changes to Mednafen
* Modified the rewind controls to use the now standard method of mapping used by all other x-port emus.
* Customized the default mappings for emu (Only NES related mappings are displayed).
* mp3CDDA and CDDA have their own volume control now and are saved with each game configuration (only affects MednafenX_PCE).
- Still waiting on some Mapper changes by XTecuterX73.  But this is beta, so no big hurry.

Interface Changes (highlights)

The much talked about "Game Synopsis!".  See

* Help screen support for game select screen and text browser (try pressing start).  (Graphics provided by Gilou9999)
* Box/Cart art can be displayed in seperate window. Box/Cart art is autodetected based on size (only in "old screenshots" directory).
* Can now stream videos and screenshots from Samba or Relax.  It is recommended to do on or the other, but not both or you will get slowdown on the videos.
* The In Game Options Screen can be sized and positioned now.

* New option to "Force Game Screen Size/Position". There are two configurable screensizes. (To deal with multi-core systems like MekaX and XboyAdvance). This will be useful when switching from HDTV to SDTV or vice versa. It will save the user the trouble of resizing the screens for something that is likely temporary.
* Numerous changes to menu system see below (current menu configuration layout)

* Added "Select Skin Configuration Used..." and "Save Skin Configuration as..." to the "Configure SKin" menu. This allows multiple skin configurations in one skin allowing the user more "pre-defined" options on how a skin looks. For example the placement of the games list and the preview screens. Gilou's Dynamic skins really take advantage of this, check 'em out!

* Skin previews when selecting a skin or a skin configuration. The files must be in the "preview" directory within the skin directory. "preview.jpg" for the 4-in-1 pic, and "configuration name.jpg" for the rest.

* Sprites now display when sizing the preview screens.
* Screenshot, movie, and gamebox preview transparency's now working properly.

* Unmapped all the default UI mappings except for "in game menu", "keyboard", and "fast forward".

* Modified the autolaunch (from dash) so that it jumps straight into the emulated game.  Be sure to set the option to "Exit the emulator on game exit after autostart".
* Fixed a bug where the gamescreen would get blurry after changing video options.
* Fixed a bug where the xbox would lock-up when setting 10x11 mode in non 480 modes.

* Improvements to the cheat database system.  Changed menu options to "Search Cheat Database for Codes" and "Save Cheat Codes To Custom DB".

* Search can handle multiple CRC's for games that use same cheat codes but have different CRC's.  (Be careful with this).
* Search and save database options modified to be able to handle GameGenie codes in addition to Gameshark codes.
* Fixed a bug that would cause "Add new code" to default to GameGenie when it should be Gameshark.  Use "Add New Game Genie Code" at the bottom for GameGenie codes.