JungleFlasher 0.1.55 - cleanup to 1.51

 We have probably added or changed alot more but this is what we could remember.

 Hitachi Support Updated
    - Portio will only be enabled with "Via Only" ticked, as it was only added to support Via w/o drivers
    - Via card must also report status (Code 39)... no drivers loaded
    - Mode Select method removed from Port IO. Mode Select is for USB support, port IO does not support USB.

 Modder Mode
    - Now stops on bad device ID.

 Splash Screen
    - Context enable/disable removed from splash ( added as a ctrl key)

 Advanced Ctrl F Keys
    - Ctrl + F5 key, set modder mode backup directory, clear folder to disable it
    - Ctrl + F6 key, hitachi read block size 100 --> 2000 ( 78 and 79 FK models will fail on this )
    - Ctrl + F7 key, set working folder in modder mode... clear all tabs and save log
    - Ctrl + F8 key, enable "Free Flash" and "Ram Poke" in Hiatachi
    - Ctrl + F1 key, enable context menus
    - Ctrl + F2 key, disable context menus

 Lite-On Dummy.bin Serial Fixer
    - Bug, fixer added drive barcode byte swapped to Identify string, fixed.

 Sammy flash
    - was failing for at least one user.. typo in last cleanup.  fixed.

 Port Inquiry
    - Timeout in port Inquiry for drive properties extended from 200ms to 1s

    - Dead time after l-o-erase extended from 2s to 3s
    - dots and timer added for better appearance.