JungleFlasher 0.1.51 for iXtreme v1.51

 We have probably added or changed alot more but this is what we could remember.

 Full Hitachi Support
    - Added portIO communications for those with via drivers
    - Still requires mode-b but drivers aren't needed anymore or drive letter in windows for drive
    - Win API mode for all options if you dont want to use portIO ( fast as hell )
    - Restore firmware = will do just that, as safely as possible
    - All previous f/w's have been considered, so restore is as safe as we can make it
    - Once drive is restored can be modified  to ix 1.51
    - Flash iXtreme.. auto-dump/auto-save/auto-add-ixtreme/auto-compare/auto-flash (need to have stock or restored fw first)
    - Functions addde to Spoof, change Key, set checksum
    - Free flash option is available for advance users which lets you do what you like ( warnings in place )
    - Drive refresh includes "Scan for Hardware Changes" to find new hitachi's in windows
    - Remove button to remove hitachi safely from windows.
    - Auto-detect of hitachi rev from Inquiry.. 
    - 79 unlock option works in PortIO and Win API mode

 Introducing Modder Mode
** Warning ** this is heavily automated ( know what you're doing )

    - For the modders, this mode is highly automated
    - Ctrl + F5, to set your backup directory
    - Ctrl + f7, to reset/refresh JF, save log and start a new sub-folder in backup folder
    - All save and open dialogs start at this new working folder
    - Auto-save of non-existing files
    - Sammy & Benq.. unlock/auto-device-id/auto-dump/auto-save/auto-add-ixtreme/auto-spoof/auto-flash
    - Lite-on.. dvdkey/auto-save/auto-add-ixtreme/auto-spoof then after l-o-erase/auto-flash

 Advanced Ctrl F Keys
    - F5 key, set modder mode backup directory
    - F6 key, hitachi read block size 100 --> 2000 ( not safe for via users )
    - F7 key, reset/refresh JF if in modder mode save log and open a new sub-folder
    - F8 key, unlock hitachi free flash ( Warnings in place )

 iXtreme DVDkey
    - Dont have to reopen or probe a modded lite-on to extract DVDkey
    - Similar to DVDkey32 but all over sata, dummy.bin is created
    - You need tray half open as usual
    - Routine also extracts iXtreme version for correct Identification
    - Dummy.bin only dump mode, means 3 less saves

 Dummy.bin Serial repair
    - Where drive is missing laser and pcb barcodes
    - Can be read from barcodes on h/w
    - Double click the data window on serial tab in advanced view with dummy loaded.

 General bug fixes and additions
    - .Net error on startup where no i/o ports present
    - Recognition of non-packet devices, ie HDD's, stops some hangs
    - Warning on status 0x72 flash, "Not Lite-On" was blocking Kreon f/w
    - Liteo-on and Benq read and write a bit faster

    - Auto-Load of iXtreme v1.51 based on type of f/w loaded to source buffer
    - Auto-Discover .Net version/downloader
    - Auto-Spoof of Auto-Loaded iXtreme, ready to flash

 Thanks to all the testers, and everyone involved, for without your efforts this would not
 have been possible. Keep up the great work! Enjoy and many thanks from Team JungleFlasher