SarienX Beta 1

What is SarienX? A Sierra AGI interpreter engine. You can find 
more info at . In real terms this
application will play many of the old Sierra adventure games 
including Leisure Suit Larry 1, Kings Quest 1, 2 and 3 and others.

While XBochs does a fair job at this - this is a much better

Check out sarien.conf for a full list of supported games.

Installation Notes

You need an Xbox Keyboard to run this interpreter. Sorry but
there is no way you can play these games with a gamepad only.

Add game files to the empty game folder(s).

Run default.xbe as normal. You will notice once you have selected
a game to play it will launch sarien-0.7.0.xbe with the gamename
as a commandline argument - Evox fans should be able to set up
shortcuts to their favorite Sierra adventures.


Sarien was ported in about 40 minutes (no kidding). I used SarienX 
as a testbed for my SDL port - its coming along nicely so hopefully 
a fully working SDL lib will be available soon to other developers 
out there. 

Greets to the scene