TEAM JUNGLE Presents IXtreme 1.5 firmware 

World first IXtreme fw for the unhackable Liteon drive!
Also for Benq and Samsung drives!

This has been a huge effort by everyone in Team Jungle comprising of the best talent in the world. It has been a privilege to work in the team which has enabled us to get to this point. Truly a worldwide effort and the greatest hack that i have been involved in!
The road has been a long one: 
	- getting the key serial output
	- decapping the 1319L chip
	- reading the embedded flash, very difficult!
	- decrypting fw
	- creating iXtreme
	- creating Jungleflasher GUI+tools

Greatest teamwork eva!

Support for Liteon DG-16D2S unhackable drive
Flash from Windows with new Jungleflasher GUI
Smart Inquiry cdb for enhanced spoofing - Liteon
Enhanced c/r timing - all drives
Enhanced disc jitter - all drives
Enhanced spoofing support for Liteon - Samsung and Benq
Enhanced bad angle support - all drives
Secret Liteon MS Inquiry cdb support - Samsung and Benq
Half Open tray on powerup for Windows inquiry/flash mode - all drives
Disc lock/unlock cdb - Liteon Windows mode
Drive key+serial info cdb - Liteon Windows mode
More secure firmguard - Benq</i>

Hitachi 1.5 is set to be released shortly. Hold onto your pants Hitachi owners! =)

There is ALOT of new information to digest, in regards to this entire project, and the utilization of the LiteOn IXtreme firmware. With this release, also includes a new FirmTool (version 1.3), a beta version of JungleFlasher, which is a new GUI based all-in-one flash that includes a firmware tool, DVDKEY32, MTK flashing and Hitachi support. Please note that this software IS BETA and will not function 100%. Yes, there will be plenty of bugs :) JungleFlasher logs all errors/actions and will ask you to save a log upon exit. If you have a error please help us improve the software by emailing the log file to JungleFlasher - at - gmail - com. At this moment, we have had quirky issues in regards to VIA chipsets and flashing/reading/erasing the LiteOn drive. Please pay attention to the 2nd prompt in particular after hitting the Lite-On-Erase button. Power cycling the drive at the correct time is very important for VIA users. If the VIA polls the drive after erase, it WILL freeze/lock your computer. Tools for DOS erase/flash/key/spoof are included in this release for any users having difficulties within windows.
-PortIO32.exe - you MUST run this exe to install PortIO onto your system! (included in release)
-.NET 2.0 or above

Please note that at this time, IXtreme 1.5 still requires the utilization of a RS232 to TTL serial hardware, or a popular variant such as CK3 with Probe or Maximus Xtractor. This is necessary to extract the key/inquiry/identify .bin files. These files are neccessary for spoofing & gathering your key, even if you are just flashing the 1.5 IXtreme to a LiteOn drive. They contain serial information that is required for proper identification and security related issues. Note that spoofing to previous versions of IXtreme are NOT stealth, and is not supported.

If you have a CK3 please refer to this tutorial for dvdkey extraction:
<a href="">here</a>

If you have a Maximus Xtractor please refer to this tutorial for dvdkey extraction:
<a href="">here</a>

We have compiled a tutorial on flashing the Liteon drive prior to the release of JungleFlasher. Tutorial is located here:<a href="">here</a>

Instructions on flashing a LiteOn with JungleFlasher are as follows:
1: Hookup LiteON to sata port and power drive
2: In JungleFlasher select MTK Flash 32 Tab.
3: Select correct port (see above tutorials for figuring out the correct port)
4: Hit Lite-On-Erase button. NOTE - This is done AFTER you have already successfully transferred your inquiry.bin / identify.bin / key.bin files!!! Please read the Prompts VERY carefully! It is important to power cycle the drive at the correct moment to prevent your computer from freezing with VIA cards.
5: After power cycle, drive should return status 0x72 and display Flash information. If it does not, click Device ID and power cycle as prompted. If still not successful then you did not successfully erase the drive. 
6: Once Flash information is displayed, you are ready to write! Go to firmware tool 32 tab and select "Load from dump files" and select your key/inquiry/identify .bin files. Then select ix15-liteon.bin after pressing "Open Target Firmware". Press "Spoof Source To Target". Then "Save to File" and save your CFW.bin.
7: Go back to MTK Flash 32 tab and select Write. It should automatically take the liteon firmware you loaded in the Firmware 32 tab and flash to the drive. It will automatically verify flash. If verified your done :)

If write verification fails, then there is likely a issue with JungleFlasher and your sata chipset. Please use DosFlash to flash the drive with the CFW.bin with the correct spoofed information. If the drive is successfully erased, dosflash will see the flash information and will be capable of writing!

DOS Instructions:
You will need to have your key.bin/inquiry.bin/identify.bin handy using the windows applications! If this is the case, please use firmtool 1.3 or JungleFlasher to prepare your ix15-liteon.bin with the correct dvdkey and spoofed serial information(inquiry/identify). At this moment, DOS based dvdkey/inquiry/identify extraction is not fully supported by TEAM JUNGLE. There is DOS based instructions for the CK3 by xecuter in the tutorial above.
1: Run L-O-Eras.EXE with the correct port specified (see tutorial above for Lite-On-Erase.exe information)
2: Run DosFlash.exe
3: Select correct number that represents your sata port / LiteOn drive. Note that the drive has to be successfully erased in order for DosFlash to see the drive!
4: Select write, and choose your liteon firmare .bin that you have prepared with your dvdkey / correctly spoofed identify / inquiry data!
5: Write, plug in drive and play xbox :)

A new DosFlash will be released very shortly that will include LiteOn DVDKey extraction and dummy.bin capabilities. Note that firmtool uses dummy.bin to correctly spoof information from dumped key/inquiry/identify into other 1.5 firmwares. At this moment JungleFlasher and DVDKey32 support the dummy.bin feature!