DVDKey32 v0.6

 *** Lite-On Key Extractor for Windows ***

 This exe is a win32 app that extracts the drive key from the Lite-On 360 drive via Serial cable.

 Be warned: This win32 program does not use the windows API. The exe writes directly to the ATA
 controller's I/O ports (which requires the PortIO32 driver) It also requires an ATA - SATA adapter
 to connect your 360 drive to your PC, or a SATA controller that has legacy mode. Look fot it in the
 controllers BIOS setup options.

 Install the driver:
 Simply double click the PortIO32.exe, if for any reason the installation fails, the required files and
 instructions for manual installation will be place in a "driver" folder within the DVDKey32.exe directory.

 Uninstall the driver:
 Open a command prompt in the PortIO32.exe directory and type: Portio32 remove 
 Again, if the uninstall fails, instructions will be givin to manually remove the driver. 


 DVDKey32 command_base com_port
	[command_base: base register of ATA command block in hex (e.g. 1F0 or 170)]
 	[legacy mode sata: command base = i/o from msinfo32]
        [com_port 1 to 9]

1.) If you have not already done so, install the drive. Double click the PortIO32.exe
2.) Connect the Lite-On drive to your computer powered off with its try half open
3.) Once connected to your computer, power on the drive
4.) Open command prompt in the DVDKey32 directory and Type: DVDKey32 xxxx y
    (where xxxx is the command base register, Y is the com port)

 The app will dump Inquiry String to Inquiry.bin, Drive Key to Key.bin and Identify string to Identify.bin
   ver 0.6 -- will dump dummy.bin for working with firmtool 1.3


 Podger - the 32 bit code
 Geremia - initial concept
 C4eva - the CDB's and how to send them
 Seventhson - for the userspace parallel ATA driver