If this program will kill your computer, friend, wife, love, money the
world it's ONLY your problem. The author [me] has created this staff for
himself and not for you, so if you are going to use it as usual my friend
it is only at your OWN risk. If you not understood DON'T USE this program.

    bxStream is an XNS Protocol server program that will u let share your media to 
    your XBOX media player more info on www.xboxmediaplayer.de; it's fast and you
    can manage what you see from on the xbox directly from here without change
    the xbmp config.
    xbmp is soooo cool that I decided to use it. I used relax for awhile but
    it doesn't fit well for me and sometimes is little bit unstable. 
    So I became to built my own streamer. Actually I'm happy about the first
    result, just few days of code. If somebody like it, just let me know and I 
    will improve it with other features.
    Thanks to 
    	EnzinA for the testing
    	Kikko for stressing me to finish it soon :D
    Contact me
    [email protected], see below for details. if you not
    use the subject that I indicated your email will be moved
    into junk mail.
    You will never pay this software, at least if you wish to give me
    a contribute by paypal. BUT IN THIS CASE, PLEASE GIVE MY CONTRIBUTE
    TO THE XBOXMEDIAPLAYER TEAM, they are really exceptional guys.

	.NET Framework 1.1   <<<<------<<<<   you can get it for free from windowsupdate.microsoft.com
	XP or Windows 2000, 2003
---  How to install ---
a) create a directory (ie. mylife)
b) unpack the zip in mylife
c) locate on your hard drive this command installutil usually under windowsdir\microsoft.net....
d) modify the ip address from bxsService.exe.config (key:ServerIPAddress)
e) open a shell and from mylife dir run this command
	installutil bxsService.exe
	%windir%\microsoft.net\Framework\v1.1.4322\InstallUtil.exe bxsService.exe
f) start the service as usual

--- How to uninstall --
a) from mylife dir 
	installutil /u bxsService.exe
	%windir%\microsoft.net\Framework\v1.1.4322\InstallUtil.exe /u bxsService.exe

Next features:
	- security
	- user interface
	- change options directly from xbox
	- auto movie rating
	- stats
	- webservice enable
	- whatever...		
---  MiniFAQ        ---
- How much it cost ?
	if you modded your X it is free otherwise 200000000k dollars in chinese mandarines

- Can I sell it?
	Only to people that haven't moded the xbox :D
- How I can contact the developer for a question ?
	[email protected] subject = bxStream

- How I can get some support ?
	:) :) said again so funny... if you find a bug, tell me I will take and I will
	send you back the fix and your congrats. But please be a good boy and explain
	in details how I can repro the issue.

- How I can request a feature ?
	[email protected] subject = bxStream new feature

	release 0.1 on 06/10/2003
			NT Service
			configuration file
		knows Bug
		version 0.1