To run this you need to obtain the following files
lame.exe      -  mp3 encoder binary
oggdec.exe or sox.exe (with ogg support)    -  ogg decoder (if you plan on using ogg support), can also use sox
faad.exe      -  faad2 aac decoder binary
flac.exe		-	flac decoder

copy the exe files into scriptdir
to start the server click run start.bat


install lame,faad,flac and sox (preferably using fink)
run startmac 


install lame,faad,flac and sox where they will be found by a bash script
run start


To configure point your browser to I suggest to test it you only point it at a small number such as a single album


If you get errors about could not open socket try adding the ip after the start script e.g ./start

If you get silence try running the relavent conversion script from a terminal

If you get static on the 360 there's a good chance its caused by the endianness of the output from the relevant script being wrong. Try adding/removing the -x flag from lame