CaveStoryX Cave Story/Doukutsu Monogatari port for XBox v1


 - Plays Cave Story/Doukutsu Monogatari 

 - Selectable English/Japanese language

 - Selectable cheats - invincible, unlimited ammo

 - Selectable text size/spacing

 - Save states (seems to work, but not extensively tested)


Many thanks to Pixel for providing the source code to this!

Do not try to load or save a state while in the game menu.
Only load/save states while playing the game.


D-PAD/LThumb  - Movement, menu selection
A             - Jump
X             - Shoot
Y             - Item
B             - Map
Left Trigger  - Previous Weapon
Right Trigger - Next Weapon
BACK          - ESC key (brings up "Exit" menu, will exit game if you press again)
WHITE         - F1 key - (continue playing from "Exit" menu)
BLACK         - F2 key - (return to game menu from "Exit" menu)

These can be reconfigured in the usual way if you wish.

To start the game, go to "Select Game" and then select a profile.

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