XDVDMulleter Beta 8

Just a quick temporary release for stealth checking.
An extra option works now!: batch extraction. not well tested.

XDVDMulleter will check every aspect of stealth on a disc and warn you of any difficulties.
To load from dvdr: on the loading screen, just select the dvdr tab and ensure raw mode reading is selected.

Stealth Checks:

Checks PFI for valid data
Checks PFI is a known pfi sector
Checks video matches PFI data
Checks Video is a known video partition
Checks 2nd layer of video to check splitvid
Checks DMI for 'XBOX' string (xbox 360 only)
checks SS matchs default.xex (xbox 360 only)
Checks SS file for invalid hitachi SS


Deletes all temp files upon end
Bug opening dvds in raw mode fixed (I cant remember what bug though..)
Shrink page reset each time, so no longer messes up on multiple isos
Shrink page acts on a (virtual) copy of ISO, so back works properly
XBE checking page doesnt recheck once its been done once
Shrink page no longer auto crosslinks (because testing with gow took 20 minutes just for this step.. damn)
Checks to see if video partition is empty but present
Checks link between SS and default.xex to ensure you have the right SS file for the release
Hardcoded iso values removed, instead offsets calculated from SS + PFI
Inserts video directly into iso if partition exists (previously created new iso)
Checks all files you insert into ISOs
Extra stealth checking stuff i have forgotten about
Log file logs actions for debugging etc
Quick bugfix so unsplit Xbox1 Video files dont give split video error
Extract is back, extract and replace files in an iso
Batch extraction over FTP or to filesystem 

Video Files now need to be downloaded seperately. To rebuild isos, just extract them to the xdvdmulleter folder.

More to come as always. Source is included, but unfinished, unoptimised, and potentially indecipherable. Good luck!

Notes: UnleashX boost mode fails on 0 byte files in boost mode, so instead of creating a hugely ugly hack to make boost work its just disabled on unleashx for now. (I note qwix also doesnt use boost when uploading to unleashx.. Normal ftp upload is still possible and will be selected automatically)