ZsnexBox 3.2

What's new:

-Added a game guide/faq viewer. Start a game and exit to the in game menu. Select "Load Game Guide". Place guides (text format) in the "guides" directory. The best place to get game guides is www.gamefaqs.com. Navigation through the guide is:

Dpad up    = 1 line up
Dpad down  = 1 line down
Dpad left  = go back a page
Dpad right = go forward a page
L or R trigger = analog scrolling
Left analog stick = move text left or right

I have also included a game guide and an interesting interview with the original author of ZSNES.

-Added a bookmark system for the guides. I figure it would be a pain to have to find the spot you need every time you open the guide (some guides are hundreds of pages long). So the emulator will always remember/save the last place you were at in each guide.

-Added option to change the bookmark path in the Path.ini (make sure you delete your old Path.ini or add the new line in the correct spot)

-Added option to change the number of lines displayed, font color, and font size for the guides. This is more intended for HD users since they will have bigger screens than non HD users. I chose a default font size where you can see the entire guide without scrolling left/right.

-Added a "Force PAL 50 Video" option. If you are a PAL user, you can force the display refresh rate to 50 (useful for PAL games if your Xbox is set to Pal 60 I would imagine). This option is only valid for PAL users. I have no way to test this feature. If it somehow causes harm to your TV/Xbox/life, don't blame me. ZsnexBox comes with no warrenty. But if it does work, please post your results in this thread.


Extract and copy all files and folders to your Xbox hard drive. Run "default.xbe" to start. Delete your old ZsnexBox.ini and Path.ini  files if upgrading.