FrostyTheSnowman's VGA BIOS Patcher for XBOX

Disclaimer: I take absolutely no responsibility for what may result from the usage
	    of this patch. By using this patch, you are agreeing to be held accountable
	    for what may result from the usage of this patch. Use at your own risk.

Version 0.8

*Supports Conexant Encoders
*Supports Focus Encoders
*Supports all HD resolutions, including 480p, 720p, and 1080i.
*Supports all current hacked BIOSes, including new X3 BIOSes.
*Supports 'green screen' games!

NOTE: You NEED your HD settings enabled in your Microsoft Dashboard for this patch
      to function properly.

Change Log:

- Fixed IGR Color Problems

- Added support for 'green screen' games

Known Bugs:

- Not compatible with v1.6/v1.6b XBOX Consoles

- Not compatible with PAL XBOX Consoles (Switch to NTSC for VGA)

- 480i games (interlaced games) are not supported in VGA mode.

- When using a video cable OTHER than a VGA cable, the colors will be incorrect. It is
  advised that you use a Dual BIOS setup, consisting of a VGA patched BIOS, and a standard 
  BIOS so that you can still use your XBOX on a regular TV.

Other Notes:

This version of FrostyTheSnowman's VGA BIOS Patcher was a collaboration effort of both 
FrostyTheSnowman and PunMaster. Thanks to PunMaster's great code injection skills, and 
dr_oldschool's ForceGPUReset code, this release now fully supports all 'green screen' 
games in full VGA color!

VGA Patcher v0.8 Tutorial

Tools Required:

XBtool (Newest Available Version)

1. Open XBtool and click on 'unpack'.

2. Select the BIOS file, (5035.bin, or whatever your BIOS filename is) and click open.

3. XBtool will immediately extract the BIOS into a folder named after the BIOS file itself 
   in the same directory as the BIOS file. 

   Example: Original BIOS file is 5035.bin, so the folder with the extracted 
            BIOS files will also be called 5035.

4. Copy VGA Patcher v0.8.exe into the EXTRACTED BIOS's folder.

5. Open VGA Patcher v0.8.exe and UNCHECK the 'Make Backup' option, and then click patch. 
   If all went well, it should show the following:


   loading file:
   Filesize check skipped!
   CRC32 check skipped
   file patched!

   loading file:
   file patched!


6. Exit VGA Patcher v0.8

7. Delete the VGA Patcher v0.8.exe file, and all you should have left in that directory 
   should be: 2bl.img, remainder.img, & xboxkrnl.img. 

   NOTE: If there are any other files in here other than what was extracted by XBtool, 
         then XBtool will probably fail when packing, due to the fact that XBtool adds 
         all the files in this directory into the BIOS image.

8. Open XBtool and click on pack, then browse to where the extracted BIOS files are and 
   open up xboxkrnl.img.

9. You will be immediately asked where to save the new bios, and what to name it as. You 
   can save it anywhere, but personally I would just save it to the desktop as 'vgabios.bin'.

10. After saving, you will be back at the XBtool screen. Just click quit, and flash your new BIOS.


Dr. Oldschool - Created first Softmod VGA Solution
masticism - Fixed the 'purple' tint problems in NKPatcher v10-vga10
DVADER - Created first 'Multi-BIOS VGA Patch' (My patcher is roughly based on his work.)
Textbook & leeloo5 - For their great VGA cable tutorials
PunMaster - For his awesome work with code injection on this release

Beta Testers

ChickenBOX180 - Conexant Encoders 
Foe-hammer - Conexant Encoders
dav-coms - Focus Encoders