Frosty's XBOX Rescue Disc v1.0

Disclaimer: I take absolutely no responsibility for what may result from 
            the usage of this Rescue Disc. By using this Rescue Disc, you 
            are agreeing to be held accountable for what may result from 
            the usage of this Rescue Disc. Use at your own risk.

NOTE: This Rescue Disc REQUIRES that your XBOX is either Softmodded, 
      Modchipped, or TSOP flashed. This disc WILL NOT WORK with an unmodified 
      retail XBOX.

NOTE 2: For softmods, you NEED to have a hard drive that is locked and has 
        a functional 'C' drive to work.


- Supports all current Softmods, Modchips, and TSOP Flashes
- Entirely DVD based!
- Full support for ALL XBOX versions! (v1.0-v1.6b)
- Full, unrestricted FTP access to the XBOX hard drive partitions! (C,E,F,G,X,Y & Z)
- Allows full access to the REAL C drive on Softmods! (overrides ShadowC drives)
- Supports F & G Drives
- Supports Custom Partitions
- Includes DVD2XBOX and XBpartitioner (both are entirely DVD based)
- Allows LOCKING and UNLOCKING of XBOX Hard Drives!**
- Changes 'Ring of Light' to RED to confirm the Rescue Disc is running

**This disc will only lock and unlock hard drives with the same 
  key as the EEPROM on the motherboard.


1. Burn the 'Rescue Disc.iso' file in this package onto a DVD-R or DVD+R disc (DVD-R is recommended)

2. Power up XBOX, and insert the Rescue Disc

3. Your front light will turn RED, confirming that the Rescue Disc is booting

4. Once loaded, you will be presented with a custom-made version of the EvolutionX +3935 Dashboard

5. At the top of the screen you will see detailed hard drive information, your temperatures 
   (except on v1.6 XBOXes), and your XBOX IP address.

6. In the menu you will find 'Rescue Applications' (contains DVD2XBOX and XBpartitioner), 'System Utilities'
   (contains Settings, Lock Hard Drive, and Unlock Hard Drive), and also Reboot and Power Off options.

NOTE: For FTP access, simply use the IP address at the top of the screen and use 'xbox' for 
      username and 'xbox' for password.

NOTE 2: This disc assumes that you know what you are doing with the included applications, but let me say this
        once again: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! I take no responsibility for what you do with this disc.

Special Thanks

EverestX (Beta Tester)

cerealkillajme (Beta Tester)

MysticalMagnet (Beta Tester)