Whats New?                                                         04.01.2007

1.7 April Fools Edition

 - Animated lava and water tiles

 - 20% chance of a held spiked shell dies when hitting another player 

 - Hammers are fired from a better position relative to the player 

 - Fixed Screen shake POW bug

 - Fixes to AI to deal with podobos, bowser fire and new stuff 

 - Fixed gfx bug when switching places with mystery mushroom while holding an item

 - Menu option to turn off/on secret moves 

 - More than 20 Secret April Fools Features.  Here are some hints:
	* Some features are special moves for players based on what powerup they have or what they are carrying
	* Some are new items and powerups
	* Some are tweaks to existing features
	* and some things don't fall into any of these categories...

 - There is a contest at http://forum.72dpiarmy.com to see who can unlock the most hidden features
	* Contest winner gets special forum status and badge on splash screen for next release of SMW!
	* So keep checking the forums for the latest codes and unlocked features!