King Kong Shader Exploit for the XELL Loader 
        (No Serial Cable Required)

This patch works like the crwl360-loader did, but without a serial cable and still requires a 4532 or 4548 kernel.
If you have a newer kernel, you are out of luck.

The patch includes the fixed sector reader code created by tmbinc and found in the free60 cvs. 
Details here:

How the patch works:
Patch your King Kong ISO with either the windows exe or compile the source for Linux.
If your using the windows patch, you will need to download cygwin1.dll and put it into your windows/system32 folder.

Then make sure shader.bin, the exe, and your King Kong ISO are in the same folder and run:

win_patch.exe <name of iso>
./linux_patch <name of iso>

After your ISO is patched, burn it like a normal game.

How the exploit works:
You must add the XELL loader to lba location 0x20 on a separate CD (any cd/dvd media will work). With a compiled 360 Linux kernel named vmlinux in the root directory.
Once you have burned your patched King Kong disc, just insert the game into the 360 and press start at the King Kong main menu. 
After a few seconds your DVD drive should eject the King Kong game and all you have to do is insert your CD with XELL and vmlinux. 
It will take approximately 10-15 seconds to boot into Linux if everything is working correctly.

Thanks to:
Everybody working to bring homebrew to the 360!

This shader was generated by xorloser.