Version 3.2 Release Date 26.02.2007
- extraction speed up, caused by increasing the block size extracted in one loop from
  16 to 32 sectors, the following applies for XBOX360 discs extracted with "whole disc
  (stealth xtreme 3.0)" style extraction
  - on the SH-D162C extraction at 16x speed takes 08:33 minutes, V3.1 09:58 minutes
  - on the TS-H943A extraction at 12x speed takes 15:03 minutes, V3.1 16:20 minutes
- images have the iso extension
- predefined filter values for file dialogs removed, you can choose any file (*.*)
- removed annoying message boxes on cancel file dialogs
- titles of predefined custom cdb commands are now listed in ini file order
- options for block and single sector re-reads set to 20 as default, sector mapping
  for XBOX1 is turned on as default
- DeviceIoControl is now checked for returned status and the returned sense from the drive,
  this should give better error detection
- fixed Star Trek Legacy and Fusion Frenzy 2 issue, the sizes of video and game partition
  are now calculated from the pfi and the alternative pfi in the ss, this should give a
  working image on future games with a different video or game partition size
- options dialog now remembers the last active drive and disc type
- check for NTFS file system on file extractions greater 4 GBs
- any DVD-ROM drive is now displayed in the drive combo box
- extraction of backup discs supported on kreon's drives and normal DVD-ROM drive
- on the TS-H943A backup extraction is not possible, cause the drive disables 0800 mode
  on insertion of a backup disc at least for me