Xbox Backup Creator v2.4 Build:0225 by Redline99

Thanks out to:
Schtrom  - Always a pleasure to work with you and thanks for debugging my app :)
Tiros    - Thanks for the technical help and ideas
sosotiit - Thanks for helping me out with user support and beta testing

And to everyone else who helped with ideas, testing,
implemtations, tools, and generally being able to put up with me for so long!

Added - Image Browser/Extractor
        Right mouse click in Tree/List for extraction options
        Use File menu to load an iso image from HDD
Added - Region Checking xbe/xex
Added - Support to burn image in ImgBurn (Currently doesn't get correct exit code?)
Added - Support to burn image with Nero (COM component)
Added - Support to detect identity changing between Hitachi and Samsung
        I've been too lazy to hook my Hitachi back up with a modified firmware
        so this has not been fully tested by myself. :)
Added - Support to Extract/Inject Video
Added - Support to read PFI, DMI, SS and whole image off of a backup
Added - Support for iso's that dont have PFI, DMI (will substitute standard values)

Changed - SPTI Timeout values, hopefully fixes more than creates problems :)
Changed - Drive Open method for burner to Exclusive Access
Changed - Changed verbiage on ISO Tools tab from Merge to Inject
Changed - Relaxed PFI check to allow for oddballs like Star Trek Legacy
Changed - Timeout value when setting layerbreak from 10 seconds to 120
Changed - Method to detect current visible partition, a little slower now though
Changed - Removed SGD-605B until I have the time to properly support it
Changed - Removed Save Firmware button, there are better tools for this
Changed - Removed Get DriveKey button, there are better tools for this

Fixed - Not being able to quit if the drive space was low and user selected cancel
Fixed - Initial lock state for Kreons drives
Fixed - File Handle not being closed after FindFirstFile
Fixed - Issue with non-standard video or game partition sizes (Star Trek Legacy)

Known Issues:
The read tab is slower to enable the controls
Return Value from ImgBurn not working properly
USB Drives in ASPI mode are not recognized correctly
And a few others from previous releases with some more new ones sprinkled in
to keep me up late.

Check your settings, this version will reset all settings back to their defaults

On the Image Tools Tab if you use the "Image Browser" it will first check if
there is a dvd in the current selected drive. If there is a dvd in the drive then 
that is what will be displayed.  You can use the menu in the Image Brower to 
close that and open an iso file.