Coded by maximus  (carranzafp)

   This Graphical tool to easily calculate the right address to patch 
   your xbox game images with your own Security Sector file. It also 
   does the patching process more easy and fast.

   You can also extract the SS if you have the image already patched.
   (I dont know if this is useful for somebody but anyway does it)

   Supports raw images created with swap method and also images created 
   with concatenated partitions.

   Added Support for browse, extract and replace files for XBOX Raw dumps,
   the browser supports also XBOX Game (xbox Partition only) and 360 Game
   (xbox 360 Partitions only).
   This app is for those who wants to create a game image to play with 
   the Commodore4eva hacked firmware

Example of use:
a) Open your created image (with dvd swap or with concatenation of video+game+ss, it doesn matter)
b) If you have the .dvd file it will load the layerbreak value, if not just type it
c) Go to Image Options->Patch Image...
d) Pick your SS file (leave other values on default) and click patch...

Note: If you are using the Arakon's tutorial, dont do the step of calculating where the security sector is... let my tool calculate it (with the example above shown)

Version 1.5
 - Improved Browser Support. (Still having some errors with images with thousand of files)
 - Added Firmware Patch Keys option
 - Tutorials revised (inside the .doc)
 - Couple of bugs fixed

Versin 1.4
 - Bugs fixed

Version 1.3
 - Added Image Browser feature, now you can browse, extract and replace files contained into image
 - Browser supports XBOX Raw Dump (video + game partitions), XBOX Image (only xbox partition) and XBOX 360 Image (only 360 partition)
 - Couple of bugs fixed

Note: The browser feature it is just for experiment with replacing files, make a backup of your original image just in case.
If you are using the browser feature to edit (replace files) dont replace signed files as .xbe and other because your backup will not boot, and please dont create cheat maps for the games.
The browser does not support latest releases of PI group and others because they are created as Nero Iso's not RAW dumps.

Version 1.2
 - Layerbreak will be considered as the last PSN of layer 0  
  (previous versions works fine but have the concept wrong because CloneCD shows the layerbreak+1 as the layerbreak).

 - Added "Drive Tools" section to support:
   - eject-tray
   - close-tray 
   - stop-spin 
   - start-spin 
   - retrieve Security Sector from original game (of course you will need a xbox samsung drive flashed with 605b0800.bin attached to your pc)
   - Read Dvd structure (for retrieving last_psn and layerbreak values)
   - Launch of The Specialist unlocker (credit goes to him)

Version 1.1
 - Redesigned (more easy) interface
 - Added auto-calculation of LAST_PSN based on layerbreak
 - Option to "Trim" an image eliminating unused space
 - Option to create a new image combining video+game+security_sector
 - Posibility to patch any file you want at any location you want
 - Posibility to extract any sector (PSN or LBA) that you want
 - Use with caution

Version 1.0
 - 1st Release

 - If you does not understand any field leave the default value.
 - This app does not contain copyrighted code from M$
 - You must supply your own game image and your own Security Sector file
 - No warranties from any kind. Tested only on Win XP

 - To create a Raw Image with swap:
   by Arakon

 - To create a Concatenated partitions image (faster):
   by Bluecop

   Geremia, Arakon, Bluecop, The Specialist and of course to Commodore4eva