ZsnexBox 2.94

What's New:

2.93 Fixes:
-Added a finer control to the rumble motor 1 and 2 times. This value now increments/decrements in 0.01 units.
-Added fast increase/decrease for the motor 1 strength/time and the motor 2 strength/time vales.
-You can now have cheats and rumbles on at the same time. So you can have an infinite energy code and rumble when hit.

2.94 Fixes:
-Fixed a bug where rumbles would not disable sometimes.
-Fixed a bug that prevented having more than one rumble active at the same time. For example, if you set a rumble for firing a bomb and a rumble for losing energy in Starfox, only one of the two would rumble. This is fixed.
If you tried finding a rumble before with no luck (and had one of the other rumble slots turned on), you may want to try it again. This is because you might have found the correct address, but this bug prevented the rumble from working.

So now, hopefully you should be able to have all ten slots active with or without the cheat codes turned on and always get the rumble (i.e. you could play through the entire game of Star Fox with infinite lives, infinite bombs, and infinite energy and still have force feedback whenever you were hit or shot a bomb).

This is just an upgrade. Download version 2.92 first and then copy the default.xbe in this upgrade over the one the 2.92 one.