XB Stream in a nutshell allows you to view XML (rss, rdf, xml, podcasts, blogcasts, itunes) based 
feeds on your Xbox 360. XB Stream also downloads audio feeds (blogcasts, podcasts) and builds them 
into playlists.

The software works on all versions of Windows XP (Home, Professional, Media Center) as well as with 
Windows Vista. To get started make sure you have Windows Media Connect or Windows Media Player 11 
(or higher) installed/configured and download a copy of XB Stream.

XB Stream automatically will download text based content feeds and render them into images that can
be viewed on your Xbox 360 (media > pictures > computer) blade. Text feeds support html formatting 
and images, and will break up large feeds onto multiple images/feeds for easy navigation on your Xbox 
360 console.

XB Stream also will download audio feeds and create playlists which are fully supported on Xbox 360. 
To listen to playlists on your Xbox 360 (media > music > computer> blade. You can now play your Xbox 
360 games and listen to podcasts and blogcats from the vast gaming community on the internet.

XB Stream is fully configurable, allowing you to add new xml based feeds, edit and delete feeds you 
no longer wish to subscribe to. Not only that you can also set the frequency of how often XB Stream 
should update and determine the max number of content feed items to store for each content feed. XB 
Stream will even manage your content feeds and delete older feeds, thus freeing up important disk 
space on your computer!

XB Stream brings the Xbox gaming community together by consolidating all of the important gaming 
websites into one area where gamers can listen to and read about Xbox news, reviews, gossip and become 
participants in the emerging blogging craze.

The software is completely free of charge and is available to anyone with an XBox 360 video game 
console, and a Windows XP/Vista computer.