X360SAM 0.4 (build 06.08.31) by eXOBeX

X360SAM is a small MSDOS application which will take your original Samsung
firmware plus a hacked firmware (such as XTREME.BIN) and will create a new
hacked firmware containing the correct DVD key.  This is done using
Sniperkilla's method (copying bytes $4000-$43FF from the original file).

Usage: x360sam <original fw> <master hacked fw> <new fw>
e.g.: x360sam orig.bin xtreme.bin hacked.bin

Note: it does not support long file names - use the short versions please!

Also included are four batch files:-

To run this, type SAMREAD followed by the Xbox serial number,
e.g. SAMREAD 1234567 61005
This will create a folder especially for that Xbox, read the firmware from
the drive, storing it in the folder as ORIG.BIN.  It will then use X360SAM.EXE
to create a hacked version (called HACKED.BIN), storing it in the same folder.

To run this, type SAMHACK followed by the Xbox serial number,
e.g. SAMHACK 1234567 61005
This flashes the HACKED.BIN file (created by SAMREAD.BAT) onto the drive.

To run this, type SAMREMOD followed by the Xbox serial number,
e.g. SAMREMOD 1234567 61005
This does the same as SAMREAD.BAT but without re-reading ORIG.BIN from the 360.
Useful if you've used X360SAM in the past, but now you want to flash a newer
firmware to the same drive.

To run this, type SAMORIG followed by the Xbox serial number,
e.g. SAMORIG 1234567 61005
This flashes the ORIG.BIN file (created by SAMREAD.BAT) back onto the drive.

No need to boot Windows as part of the flash process!

You may need to replace MTKFLASH with your own version (the one included is
customised for VIA EPIA SP series Mini-ITX motherboards with PnP OS disabled).

Don't forget to put a copy of XTREME32.BIN in the SAMSUNG folder!

X360SAM was written in Turbo Pascal 5.5


0.4 - Added I/O error checking, if X360SAM encounters a disk error (because
      it's full, for example) it'll delete the partly-created file and halt
      with ERRORLEVEL 1 which is now picked up by the batch files
0.3 - Read/write block size increased to reduce operating time on floppy
      drives, logo added, SAMREAD.BAT altered to accommodate XTREME32.BIN
0.2 - Key area increased in size from $4000-$41FF to $4000-$43FF
      (release delayed, hence support for XTREME30.BIN which came out later)
0.1 - Initial release