A better patch for mediatype recognition, for all FW revisions. Tested on 47, untested on other fw revisions.
Even if are untested, it should be quite safe to try, because modifications affects only a routine that is processed only with disk inserted.

Now all bitsetted, not bitsetted, "half bitsetted" (Plextor and LG produce "dvd-rom with burnable layers") DVD+R DL 
looks like pressed dvd-rom, with max allowed trasnsfer speed to around 1x, like originals, then at max speed (16x?!?) when unlocked, like originals.

Overwrite the patch.scp and reverse.scp in birdy flasher directory (thanks Birdy for the tools, much appreciated), 
restore to original fw (better with the flasher you used before), then flash again.

I've removed the F900core patch for v46

Mediastealth is a pain, ehehhehe, hope for someone else to bring it up