Maximus - 360 FIRMWARE TOOLBOX for Windows Ver 1.0

   A graphical tool to handle several common dvd-drive firmware
   tasks. (yep, another one !)

   It is kinda annoying having going to MS-DOS to do firmcrypt 
   (encrypt or decrypt) operations, or having to open the file with
   an hexeditor to know if it is crypted or not, or to copy-paste
   the keys.

   Dont get me wrong, I don't have anything against KDX and other 
   tools, it is just that I built mine fitting my own needs and
   I want to share.

 - Do common firmware tasks with a mouse click
 - Supports Samsung and Hitachi firmwares All Versions 
 - Shows Vendor, ROM version and also if its CRYPTED or NOT
 - Allow crypt or decrypt the files
 - Shows the 16 byte Keys not matter if the file is Crypted
 - Allow copy-paste of the keys between firmare not matter if
   they are crypted or not or if they are different vendor
 - Allows adding of TAGS to a KEY like Owner, Serial No, Date.
   (Dont worry, the tags are not saved onto firmware file)
 - Fully Integrated with Windows Context Menu (like winrar)
 - Fully Supports 512 KB firmwares (2 banks)

 - Unzip contents on the folder you like
 - Open application and go to Options->Enable Windows Context Menu
 - Close application

 - To open a file you can just on Windows Explorer do Right Click and
   choose "Open with Firmware Toolbox", or you can first launch the 
   application and do File-Open menu or simply drag a file from your
   browser to the application.

 - To encrypt or decrypt a file just open it as above and click the
   button encrypt or decrypt.

 - To replace a key just type it or copy-paste it into the key
   textbox and click on "Replace Key"

 - To set or replace Tag Data just type it into the Tag Data Section
   "Save Tag Data".  This Tag Data will be show every time you open
   a file that have the same key.  Useful to identify an Owner's Key

If the context menu is not shown when you right-click over a file just
open the application and do Options-Disable Windows Menu and then
Options-Enable Windows Context Menu.

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