Schtrom360Xtract V2.0
Schtrom360Xtract is used to backup Xbox360 and Xbox1 game discs in one step.

Version 2.0 Release Date 10.08.2006
- now also enumerates Samsung TSSTcorp DVD-ROM SH-D162C drive letter
  - you must flash with kreon's firmware first
  - at the moment there is no full security sector extraction possible with this drive, there 
    are 69 bytes difference to a "real" security sector from the Xbox360 drive
- extraction of Xbox1 games should now be possible
  - be warned, I had no way to test this, so it would be nice if anybody can confirm this works
- if the "game data visible"-function fails, extraction continues
  - I never had this problem so some testing would be nice
- now you can also copy defective sectors on discs that for example are scratched
  - in my tests I never had any read errors on Xbox360 discs, neither on the SH-D162C nor the 
    Xbox360 drive
- extraction time is now displayed in the status bar
- image files are named in ascending order from IMAGE1.000 to IMAGE999.000
  - you don't have to move the image files if you want to extract another one
- last but not least the extraction speed increases dramatically with this release
  - in my tests a complete Xbox360 image was extracted within 15 minutes on the SH-D162C
  - many many thanks to blackpanther who helped me a lot on the extraction routine, he's a great
    programmer and it's a pleasure for a noob like me to work with such a master of C++!!!

Version 1.0 Release Date 31.07.2006
- enumerates Xbox360 TSSTcorp DVD-ROM TS-H943A drive letter
- creates the CloneCD image desciptor file IMAGE.dvd for the layer break
- creates blank360.iso
- extracts security sector (ss.bin)
- makes game data visible
- extracts dvd sectors (game.iso)
- merges blank360.iso, ss.bin and game.iso to the CloneCD image file IMAGE.000

Make sure your Xbox360 TSSTcorp DVD-ROM TS-H943A drive is in xtreme0800 mode.
The Samsung TSSTcorp DVD-ROM SH-D162C drive must be flashed with kreon's firmware.
Otherwise there's no drive letter available and Windows XP can't see the drive.
This program is written for Windows XP SP2 and I think it's the only platform it
will run on at the moment, but with the source included you hopefully can port it 

Additional Steps
To burn the image do the following:
- set the booktype of your burner from DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM
- start CloneCD
- insert DVD+R Double Layer disc
- choose image.dvd file
- burn at 2.4x speed
- I have not burned with DVD Decryptor, but I've read you must apply the layer
  break manually in this software, there are some good tuts on www.xbox-scene.com

Technical Details
Version 2.0 changes and error fixes
- the CD-ROM enumeration routine has some major bugs, but they only show if you
  modify the functions to scan more than one drive, cause of that I deleted the
  SCSI inquiry command and took another approach with IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY,
  the new function name is MyEnumAllXbox360CDROMs
- added a combo box for better changeablity of supported extraction drives
- added a check box for selecting Xbox1 game extraction mode
- "game data visible function" return value is ignored
- in the function MyExtractXboxImageFromDVD the first unreadable cd sector on the 
  disc will generate a MessageBox, the user can continue the extraction with errors
- the MyExtractXboxSecuritySector functions now has a Sleep of one second between 
  sending cdbs, this is for security only, no errors had been reported of a wrong ss
- the extraction routine is now modified for faster reading of sectors

Source Code
The NTDDK is not needed to compile the soure code. I copied the necessary 
typedefs and defines in my own header file. The source code is included, 
but be aware, I'm not a master of C, C++ nor MFC! Also it get's better 
every day! My self-studying continues and Strg+V is my best friend! 
Bug reporting is welcome!

Special Thanks 
Greets go out to Xboxhacker.net and Xbox-Scene.com for their support. A special thank
at blackpanther for finding and fixing errors in the source and helping a lot at
improving speed on the extraction routine! Keep up the interest and good work. More 
experts like blackpanther are welcome to test the noob code. And if you get an error 
think the Micro$oft way: It's not a bug, it's a feature!!! 
Like a 20 GB HDD on a premium system!

Happy Backup!
Kai Schtrom