FBAXXX (20/08/2006) (http://www.logic-sunrise.com)

- rumble disabled when pad is not used since 5 seconds, useful for intros in game supporting rumble
- fixed nasty video bug when using launch command
- detects if the game supports 2 or 4 players in the controller menu
- fixed xbox buttons color in controller menu
- now display "return to 'name of game'" in the minimenu
- changed "fbaxxx is decrypting and loading rom" to "please wait"
- corrected some bug in moves menu, the game found was not the correct game
- corrected going back to moves menu via exit with A button
- changed the way moves menu is presented, the background is now the in-game
- mini menu now uses an alpha channel, it means it is now darkened a little, it will be more easy to read
- added adjust screen option in mini menu
- fixed simple1x (none in software filter)
- removed donations informations from splash menu (see main page to find out why)