**Stub added to allow full dos compatability
**No more PPF patching needed for FW 0800 (SS extraction) as this v3 firmware has that function   built in!!

This tool makes a bootable USB key including all the files needed to backup, flash and recover your Samsung Xbox360 Firmware,
all in one simple automatic process!

**Updated from v2 to work with C4E's newest v3.0 FW**


1. - Extract the archive to your hard drive 

2.- Insert your USB Stick 

3. - Format your USB Stick with the HP Usb Disk Storage Format Tool 
included (HPUSBFW.EXE), select FAT32 and "Create a DOS Startup Disk"
using the files included in the folder. Check the Pictures folder for visual 

4. - Copy the contents of the archive to the root directory of your USB Stick 
(if space is a issue, or you are using a 
floppy, simply copy the autoexec.bat and firmware + command folders
over. If you know which card you have, you may
copy only the neccessary folder within the firmware folder, e.g. Via or 

5. -Run Bios Agent to find your chipset (see pictures folder)

6. - Adjust Your BIOS Settings to boot from the USB Stick

7. - Boot to your USB Stick

8. - run autoexec.bat to start.

Sidenote - Those of you who wish to utilize these tools on a floppy may skip all the instructions, and just copy over the neccessary autoexec.bat,
command folder, and needed firmware folder over.

PS- Incase anyone is wondering why we re-invented the wheel...again (x2), the kdx dos based key patcher has proven to be very unreliable and the TS Auto Flasher v2 was out of date. The patcher included is based on the xtreme_legal_patcher. It patches the firmware to the newest c4e v3 hack, without messing with any of the key's. No more botched firmwares and headache's for those of you trying to figure out 'what went wrong' 

Thanks to Flash78 for the previous tool! Translated by geebee. 
C4E v3 patcher is based upon xtreme_legal_patcher sources, thanks to JbOnE for the previous TS_Auto_Flasher_v1.1 compiling for DOS  Thanks to geebee for the previous organization and .bat work.