PCSXBox - PSX Emulator for XBox v3

What's New :
 - Saves graphics/CPU settings for each game

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PCSXBox - PSX Emulator for XBox v2

What's New :
 - Used new PCSX 1.5 source code
 - CDDA playback
 - Multi-disc support (go to options menu, then press Y to load new disc)
 - Added more CPU options :
    + Disable XA sound processing
    + Always enable SIO IRQ
    + Black and White movies (speed up movies)
    + Disable CDDA
    + Use CPU interpreter (slower, but possibly more compatible)
    + Always enable SPU IRQ
    + InuYasha Sengoku Battle fix (might fix other games as well)

Here's What's New from the v1.5 PCSX sources :
   * Added translation support, thanks to Zydio. 
   * Fixed several compatibility issues. 
   * Improved NetPlay code, added NETsetInfo, thanks to JNS. 
   * Fixed SW Ints, thanks to Xeven. 
   * Fixed Mdecs timing issues, thanks to Xeven. 
   * Fixed a bug related to Memcards in Xenogears. 
   * Decode_XA.c now uses fixed point, 
   * added NEGCON type to plugins.c/PsxBios.c
   * added a mingw32 port (yokota). 
   * Added preliminary MacOSX code (Stefhane Conversy). 
   * Fixed bug in CreateMcd (kitaro). 
   * Added a 'NO PIC' image. 
   * Pcsx now compiles without a recompiler. 
   * Same small speedups. 
   * Fixed RTPS/RTPT SXYP fifo issue, thanks to Xeven. 
   * VSync now has a Start and a End ;), thanks to Pete. 

If anyone is able to successfully fiddle with all the options to get Ape Escape
working on PCSX for Windows (or Linux or any other non-XBox platform), then please 
let me know and I'll look into adding analog support.  

Thanks again to Linuzappz and Pete Bernert for making the source available.
Obviously this port would not exist without these people.  

Stella, Gnuboy, SMSPlus, FCEUltra, HUGO, NeoPop, DGen, Bochs, HUGO-CD, FMSXBox,
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PCSXBox - PSX Emulator for XBox v1



What's New :
 - Emulates Playstation
 - Memory Card manager (select from 10 memory cards)
 - Cheat code searching
 - Gameshark code-compatible
 - Gameshark cheat code database with codes for over 1700 games
 - Remappable PSX buttons
 - Throttle/speed-up
 - Supports BIN files or GZIP'd BIN files.  (GZIP is not the same as ZIP)
 - Background - Thanks to CandyISO for the background image 
 - True Type Font - Thanks to CandyISO for this PSX font
 - MP3 support
 - XPort's Configurable PlayThing :)


Press Y from the main menu for help.
Press LTHUMB from main menu for Configuration
Press RTHUMB from main menu to switch between CDROM Drive and Hard Drive
Press LTHUMB during gameplay for the options menu


Many thanks go out to the PCSX team for this great emulator and also to
Jens Duttke for his Gameshark cheat code database.

Also thanks to Lantus for helping me with the PAL issues I was having.  
Hopefully PAL users will be able to enjoy this just as much as NTSC users.

Further thanks to CandyISO for providing the background and TTF font.


This version does not support real CDs.  There are a different set of technical
hurdles involved with PSX cds than with SegaCD and PCE CD/SCD.  I was finally
able to get the XBox to read XA sectors, but it reads them much too slowly
for anyone to want to play games using it.  (Reads about 2.5KB per second)

For now, create BIN/CUE's of your PSX games and either copy them to your HD or
burn them to DVDR/CDRW.  Your BIN and CUE files should have the same names:

For example:


is a valid combination and


is not.

Furthermore, if you use GZIP to compress your BIN image, you will end up with
a filename like


This means that you need to rename your CUE file to be:


or you could rename the GZ file so that the two files are:


make sense?


A note about GZIP'ing your images.  Yes, they will work, but you will suffer
a performance hit because there's no "true" direct access to any position in
the file.  Let's say the game is reading sectors 1 to 100 - it'll read them
lickity-split, but then when it requests, say, sector 30000 is has to scan through
and do some processing on sectors 100 to 30000 before it can read the data instead
of just jumping directly to that spot and reading.  This is the nature of compression.
No, cacheing of data does not help in this case.  So, in a nutshell, compression
is supported, but I advise against it unless you run from the HD and have replaced
the standard XBox HD with a faster one.

You can make an XBox ISO with a BIN/CUE image on it, burn it to a disc, run PCSXBox 
from the HD, then press the RTHUMB button to get a listing of files on the disc.
This is to make upgrading easier for those who prefer to keep BIN/CUE images
on disc instead of on the HD.  


When you select the BIN file to load, you will be presented with an options menu.
You can start the game using one of two different BIOS methods.  Using an actual
BIOS file for the emulation is the most compatible, however it's a little slower
than HLE.  Try both and see which one works best for the game you're playing.


There is also a section for changing the graphics options.  If the game you want
to play has graphics problems or isn't displaying graphics (but you can hear sound)
then you might want to try fiddling with some of the graphics options.  There is
also a specific CPU option in this section for fixing Parasite Eve and Vandal 
Hearts 1 and 2.


Also on this options menu is the memory card manager.  From this section,
you can change the memory cards that are in slots one and two.  You have ten
different cards you can use.  Please note that changing the card number
while playing a game *does not* switch the actual memory card that the game is

XPort's Configurable PlayThing

This is part of a project I did many years ago that fiddles with 
curves and trajectories.  I thought it would look nice on the XBox.  You
be the judge.  :)  Move the character with the Left Analog stick and fire
using the B button.
(Hint - fiddle with the X and Y Multipliers on the "Squiggle" effect.)

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