Mega X-Key 2.02	Update
by Team X4

Version History
Version:	2.02 Update
Release date:	21 May 2003
* Fixed reading of Jurrasic Park game save names.
* Fixed possible corruption issue if you tried to transfer more data than
  there was room for.
* Disabled the ability to try to drag and drop a second file while a transfer
  was already in progress.
* Optimizations.

Version:	2.01 Update
Release date:	12 May 2003
* Added skinning support. Check out for all your XBox
  skinning needs.
* Includes 3 skins
* Fixed file problems when the Mega X-Key software was run from an NTFS
  partition with the "For fast searching, allow Indexing Service to index this 
  folder" disabled.

This is an update, not a full installation.
This update requires that you previously installed a prior version of the
Mega X-Key software from the CD ROM which was included with your Mega X-Key

Extract into the directory where you originally installed your 
Mega X-Key software (usually C:\Program Files\Mega X-Key).
This will update several of your existing files (namely, MegaXKey.exe) and
install the skins.

Have fun!

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And most importantly, thanks to all our users for your overwhelming support
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