Virtual Xbox CD Ripper Public Source Code Release

For those that dont know.  VXCR is a program that allows you to
transfer songs from your PC to your Xbox without having to burn
an Audio cd and then hoping that the Xbox would read the CD.

The real reason behind me officially releasing the code is because
I checked one of my old email addresses from a while ago and realized
that a few people requested the code.  Sorry to those for not

This is the lastest code from me (BlueCELL).  I believe this is newer
than the last version released on Xbins.  There are only a few minor
changes.  Nothing new in the interface/features.

This code is written in VB6 (yes, I know from the stone ages).  I
did start to rewrite the program in VB.NET 2005 but never had the
time to finish it.  The only thing that was near complete was the
interface.  If anyone is interested in working with me or by themselfs
to release a new version feel free to.  The biggest problem with porting
this into a .NET language would the the file conversion (whatever -> WMA).
The guys at have librarys for encoding to WMA format.
This library is free to use for non-commerical applications (the last time
I checked at least) and works with any dot NET language.

The code can be found in the "Usual" places under PC\Managers\VXCR Code.
This also includes all the graphics and documents etc that have been made
to date.

Hope someone will make use of it.