Xtreme firmware for Hitachi 47D Xbox 360

Here it is, the long awaited World first Xbox 360 backup firmware modification to boot game backups on Hitachi!

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Boots all Xtreme Xbox 360 backups
Boots all Xtreme Xbox 1 backups supported by emulator
Boots all Xbox 360 originals
Boots all Xbox 1 originals supported by emulator
Use on Xbox Live at own risk

Technical details

Reads Xbox 360 security sector from PSN 04FB1F (Layer 0)
Reads Xbox 1 security sector from PSN 605FF (Layer 0)
Flashes sector 9003e000 (Master Checksum)
Flashes sector 90035000 (Security Sector Read)
Flashes sector 9001c000 (Drive Response Table Decrypt)
Flashes sector 90003000 (Custom Code)
Flashes sector 90027000 (Challenge Response)

Flashing your drive
xtreme.bat automatically makes a backup of your dvd drive firmware called orig.bin.
Plug SATA cable from DVD drive to PC. Power cable drive still connected to Xbox 360
Ensure Hitachi drive is in mode b either by two wire trick or slax linux boot cd
Go to Windows
Run xtreme.bat batch file from a dos prompt specifing drive letter eg "xtreme.bat g"
All done!
Run restore.bat to revert to original firmware eg "restore.bat g"

Thanks to everyone at Xboxhacker.net for all their discussions. Thanks go to Seventhson for flashsec and memdump and Loser for firmcrypt, without these tools this would not be possible.

Hitachi drive seems to be less tolerant of dual layer media. Try a few times to boot a backup. 
Firmware for 46 version will be released soon but I cannot test it. Code is offset slightly throughout the firmware.