Author: Roofus

Xplorer360 Changelog:

    * Datel Driver support! Xbox 1 and Xbox 360 memory cards that use Datel's xbreader.sys / usbio.sys drivers should now work fine.
    * Full / Improved Xbox 1 memory unit support - multi-media block transfers used, great speed and compatibility boost.
    * Drag and Drop support with windows shell.
    * Improved Backup / Recover functionality.
    * Bug that sometimes prevented backups from being recovered to their original drive fixed.
    * Xbox 360 drive recovery now skips config sectors. The Xbox 360 hard disk drive has a unique signature in its starting sectors that would prevent standard SATA hard drives from being used in the Xbox 360 console, based on the sector count and serial number, among other things.  This also prevents the use of different images on drives with different serial numbers.  Xplorer360 now skips these sectors, so that data can be exchanged between drives without disabling 360 compatibility.
    * Improved file / folder rename functionality.
    * Improved Xbox 360 hard disk drive detection.