FBA-XXX (plz support us : www.fbaxxx.fr.st)

FBAXXX (06/05/2006) update

- fixed 60fps support in PAL50Hz, now the synchronization is perfect, could be useful for later
- fixed a bug sound in D3d sound (sorry, it was my fault)
- optimized a little lowpass ( 1/(1<<15) = >>15), lowpass filter was always executed, corrected that
- removed neogeoblackscreenfix, it doesn t seem to crash anymore, if you have a black screen with neogeo roms, try to mess with FM interpolation
- added a minimenu, hope you'll like it, you can desactivate it in the menu option, it can't be desactivated in kiosk mode though
- added kiosk_mode, if you don't know what it is, you just don't need it