What's new:
- OSD (On Screen Display) with various of settings during video playback
- Audio Visualization (using Goom visual effects generator)
- Local/native SHOUTcast recording to the Xbox hard drive
- Local/native support for SHOUTcast & IceCast playlists (.sc & .pls)
- HDTV 720p & 1080i support (multiple resolutions & progressive scan)*
- TV-Guide (w. IMDb) (XMLTV show listings, requires PC w. internet)*
- Command line option available when launch a XBE via shortcut (.cut)
- DivX 5.03 (inc. 5.03 Pro) playback support*
- AVC - Advanced Video Coding (H.264) playback*
- Real - RealAudio/RealVideo playback (Note! older versions only)*
- QuickTime 6.0 video playback (video only & no audio yet)*
- Theora Video (VP3/SVQ3) video playback support*
- Intel Indeo 3.1/3.2 (Indeo3)  video playback support*
- Matroska (.mkv) audio/video multimedia container/file format*
- NuppelVideo (.nuv) playback support*
- Autodesk FLI and FLC Animation playback support*
- AAC - Advanced Audio Coding (MPEG-4 audio) support*
- Updated picture library, now also support PNG, TIFF, TGA & PCX
- Support for compressed VobSub subtitles (rar) (Small files only!)*
- Auto-launch Xbox game on insert (inc. enable/disable feature)
- XBMSP - Xbox Media Streaming Protocol (version 1.0.12)*
- Clock/date synchronization from external (NT SNTP) Time Server
- System info under Settings (build date, free space, IP, temperature)
- Ability to choose which categories show up in main menu
- Support for separate local subtitle directory on HDD
- Read support for MP3 ID3v1 and ID3v2 information tags
- Support for MPEG & OGM files larger than 2GB (not OpenDML AVI's)
- Auto clipping/cropping filter (for videos with black letter-boxes)
- De-interlace filter (for interlaced video) implemented*
- Screen saver (black screen) on configurable timer
- Auto-launch other xbe (application) on Audio-CD insert
- Auto-launch other xbe (application) on DVD-movie insert
- Extract IMBd URL & info from .nfo file (if selected in My Videos)
- IMBd improvements (All genres, ratings, Top250, cast overview)
- Integrated updated FFmpeg, XviD, XBFileZilla and MPlayer code
...and of course loads of bug fixes, and some new XBMP skins

* = experimental, unstable, buggy or limited

Our thanks go out to all developers & everyone who contribute & support this project,
and a special BIG thanks goes to the MPlayer, FFmpeg and XviD developers/projects.
We also welcome the Support Tech's from xbmp.de to the XboxMediaPlayer Team.