Surreal64 XXX Changelog:

Beta 4.95

- Added Rice 6.11 video plugin
- Be aware it is a beta, and that soft vertex can cause crashes

Beta 4.9

- Changed: Launchdata is not needed anymore
- Changed: Video plugins are now chosen after the emulator has been selected
- Changed: Pagesize is now 256k
- Changed: Rom is now entirely loaded into ram (only for 128Mb users)
- Changed: Removed Enable/Disable Controller option from submenu (Change it in the launcher)
- Changed: Shortcut for changing Paks : Hold both triggers and press left thumbstick
- Changed: Project64 and 1964 debug infos, now telling which emu is running
- Fixed: Rewrote CD/DVD detection code (tested and working)
- Fixed: Rom size was shown incorrectly
- Fixed: Bug in Basic Audio plugin
- Added: New and optimized VMM code (slight speed increase and maybe will fix crashes when going to ingamemenu)
- Added: Skin selection menu
- Added: Rom selection menu can now be controlled faster by D-PAD - Left Stick