KIxxx b0.9

What's new?
- mainly KI2 optimisation, it now runs at 45 fps instead of 35fps
- added the choice to calculate background or not and to display it or not (can go up to 60fps)
- corrected some things in the sub menu, it is more user friendly now

For ppl who knows about DX shaders programmation and who wanne help:

1) you have two kind of SRAM (SRAM is m->rdram + 8Mb, it contains the video memory) :
- 1 is used for Full Motion Video and 2D sprites, this one can be treaten by the cpu, pass this RAM into a texture slow down the emu, I don't really know why (the RAM and the video RAM must normally be the same and have the same speed so there is no reason).
- the second is used for the 3D backgrounds, this is what is actually slowing down the emu
2) the second SRAM is defined in iMemory.h and mainly used in dynaMemhelpers.cpp
3) What is needed to be done :
- create a texture in makescreenbuffer() located in mmdisplay.cpp (simply uncomment)
- use the shaders to calculate the position in 3D background
- mix the two textures (one located in videoram which has 2D sprites and FMW, and one in the texture containing 3D background)
- display it (and maybe add a 2x filter in shaders)

If you need anymore information, PM me : GogoAckman on, or