May 27 2003

Media X Menu 0.9l

Beta 0.9l
* New strings:
  TrayState (Open/Closed/Init)
  DVDType  (Identifies the type of disc currently inserted: Game, Movie, Unknown, Empty)
  Name (Identifies the nickname)
  DefaultGateway (These new IPs do not have 'dressing' - add with Compound Strings)
* Added Preferences node to configuration.
  - <UseCelsius> If True, displays temps in degrees Celsius, otherwise uses Farenheit
  - <TimeFormat> 0=24-hour format, 1=am/pm format
  - <DateFormat> 0=American mm/dd/yy, 1=Euro yy/mm/dd (More to follow)
  - <Nickname>   Adds the nickname of your choice to the head of the nickname cache
  - <AutoLaunchGame> Will run single game discs and load multi-game compilations into the menu (MXM and MenuX)
    Defaults to FALSE
  - <AutoLoadMulti> Loads multidisc DVD compilations into the menu (Like AutoLaunchGame, but won't run single game discs)
    Defaults to TRUE
  - <DeepMultiSearch> When loading discs, this indicates whether the AutoLoad should search beyond the first layer of subdirectories
  - <AutoLaunchMovie> Will run movie discs using the selected movie player
    Defaults to FALSE
  - <DVDPlayer> and <DVDPlayerCmdLine> get called when playing a DVD movie disc that's autolaunched
                 If not specified, it will search all menu items for the DVD Region X v2 player.
* Added "Overrides" - have to be careful here.... overriding music/video interaction could 
  lead to issues!!
   Overrides::PreviewEnableSound True/False
   Overrides::PreviewSuspendMusic True/False
   Overrides::ForceGlobalMusic True/False
   Overrides::ForceLocalMusic True/False
   Overrides::ForceRandomMusic True/False
* Added new conditionals:
   SubMenu   - True when current menu displayed is submenu
   MainMenu  - True when current menu displayed is main menu (topmost)
* Fixed potential issues with multiple FTP users accessing DVD drive.
* Item element <CommandLine> now supported. Untested, but should work.
* On StrongBad's suggestion, added "B" button to act as "Back" when navigating menus.
* Fixed nonworking <ArrowColor> tag in Menu::MenuX gadget.
* Skins now may assign menu and message box colors:
   MessageBox::BoxColor (Defaults to 0x80000000)
   MessageBox::BorderColor (Defaults to 0xffffff00)
   MessageBox::TextColor (Defaults to 0xffffffff)
   MessageBox::ShadowColor (Defaults to 0xff000000)
   SystemMenu::BoxColor (Defaults to 0x80000000)
   SystemMenu::BorderColor (Defaults to 0xffffff00)
   SystemMenu::TextColor (Defaults to 0xff909090)
   SystemMenu::SelectColor (Defaults to 0xffffffff)
   SystemMenu::ValueColor (Defaults to 0xff000090)
   SystemMenu::SelectValueColor (Defaults to 0xffc0c0ff)
* Added check to prevent AutoDir from loading MXM as an item
* "X" button on gamepad now skips to the next song in the menu screen.
* Added new image sources, menu based ones, analogous to the entry ones... for the current menu:
  (These are untested)
* FTPServer was "slightly rewritten" - J.P.Patches core was great, I just re-did it using a bit 
  more robust string object (no overflows) and added XML configuration. Some testing was done, 
  looks OK. PASV mode still going to be an issue.
* New Node in Text Gadget <Multi> to support compound strings
   <Text>This is </Text>
   <Text source="disctitle" />
   <Text constant=" more text" />
   <Text const=" this also acceptable " />
   <Text source="configvalue" section="information" key="UserName"/>
  This will create a compound string that combines the values.
* Fixed nasty little parsing issue - It didn't affect too much before, but arose under certain circumstances.
* XML values now support HTML Codes: &lt; &gt; &amp; for "<", ">", and "&" respectively.
* Added Time Synchronization. Supports network Timeservers (port 13) at the moment, more will be added.
  Preferences::SynchronizeClock (True/False, false if TimeServer is not defined, otherwise defaults to True)
  Preferences::TimeServerIP (Defaults to null)
* Added Network settings node:
  Network::UseDHCP (True/False, defaults to last setting, otherwise)
* FTP Priority setting: 
  Preferences::FTPPriority (Lowest/Low/BelowNormal/Normal/AboveNormal/High/Highest Defaults to Normal)
* Made improvements to speed on FTP uploads and downloads
* Tweaked startup to use the undocumented XeImageFileName to determien the startup path. This should fix
  a few problems, hopefully. 
* In the skins, multiple image resources can be randomly selected from at bootup. See the skinning guide for details.  
  (This is untested)
* If no items are found in the MXM.xml as subnodes of "Config" then it will also look for a "Menu" subnode as second chance.
* Added System Information screen - It's not too exciting for now, but it does consolidate much of the info available.
* Fixed issue with FTP and root directories.