FBA-XXX Pro v1.07

FBA-XXX Pro is a derivative build of FBA-XXX, the main purpose of which is to add support for the latest and most accurate ROMsets available to the emulation scene. A great many changes and additions have been made to the rather outdated sets supported by the original build, including new parents, new clones, new bootlegs, support for both encrypted and decrypted Neo-Geo sets, as well as the latest CPS and other set updates from MAME. Alot of new code has been added to improve the accuracy of the emulation, there are some minor tweaks and bugfixes to the emulator itself, and a new default skin (a modified version of the excellent Fighter skin by Duracelleur) is included. 

Both Romcenter and ClrMAMEPro DATs can also be found in the package so please make use of them to ensure the ROMsets you have are the ones FBA-XXX Pro requires. And don't forget you'll also need the Neo-Geo bios set (neogeo.zip) in your ROMs folder.


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What's New?
 - Updated supported bootleg sets based on the latest information. (thanks to Ferchogtx)

 - The following sets have been added:

 - No more corrupted graphics in ms4plus, ms5plus, kf2k2mp, and kf2k2mp2.

 - Removed unobtainable mslug5 M ROM. (game runs fine without it)

 - Added encrypted M ROMs to decrypted C sets. (this is correct for these sets since ideally only       the C ROMs should be decrypted)

FAQs (Please Read)

Why 'Pro'?
FBA-XXX Pro is so called because it is primarily intended for those who are a little more serious about ROM collecting and/or emulation than perhaps the casual user. The newer ROM dumps required by many of Pro's supported sets can be far more difficult to acquire than the older files found in FBA-XXX. For this reason I would say if you can't find the necessary sets and just want to play the games you would be much better off sticking with the original non-Pro build.

A ROMset is giving me errors but it works fine on another emulator, what's up?
FBA-XXX Pro requires the most up-to-date ROM dumps. Please use the DATs to find out which of the files in your set need updating.

Can I not just use my old sets with FBA-XXX Pro?
Like FBA-XXX, Pro has the option to disable the CRC check on ROMs before loading. This means that providing the files in your set are named correctly you should be able to play from any combination of decrypted ROMs. However this completely defeats the point of using FBA-XXX Pro and this option has only really been left in for testing purposes.

What are all the new sets you say are supported?
You can check the DATs or the included gamelist.txt for a list of all supported ROMsets.

Why can't I reset the game with L+R+White like in FBA-XXX?
Because some users found this combination too easy to press by accident. L+R+Start is the new ROM reset combination.

Why are the game names so long on the ROM list screen?
If you don't like it you can click the left thumbstick to switch between long and short names. FBA-XXX had this option too but Pro's long names are more complete.

Why isn't "XXXX Super Magic Ultra Plus Hack" supported?
FBA-XXX Pro only supports hacks that come from genuine bootleg boards or cartridges. ROM-hacks are deliberately not supported.

I can't find this ROM anywhere. Can you tell me where to get it?
No. So please don't ask.

Coded by
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GogoAckman & Team XXX

Many Thanks to
All the coders on the NeoSource boards
Everyone at the www.1emulation.com forums
Jan Klaasen and the FBA team

Comments, questions, or bugs
Please use the official discussion thread here:



 - Added 2 new PD Neo-Geo games by [email protected]:
    Codename - Blue Engel

 - Fixed kf2k3pcb bios ROM size.

 - Fixed disabling shortcuts on attached controllers.

 - Some minor name corrections.

 - Updated newer Neo-Geo set names to match those in MAME v0.104. (see note below)
 - Added the following new sets:

 - Updated supported Universe bios to v2.2.

 - Fixed kof2002 'How to Play' screen GFX glitch. (by iq_132)

 - Replaced old NeoPVC decryption code with tidier version. (by iq_132)

 - Fixed dipswitch settings for all CPS1 games. Defaults now match MAME instead of everything being     set to 'off'. (you will need to delete your old FBA-XXX Pro savegame for these changes to take       effect)

 - Fixed bug in which controllers 2,3,and 4 were not saving PPP & KKK button settings.

 - Fixed Commands View menu bug.

 - Added sub-folders to main roms/ directory. (just delete if you don't want to use them)

NOTE: Although FBA-XXX Pro's newer NG sets have been renamed to match those added to MAME, the required ROMs are not exactly the same. This is because some of the ROM dumps MAME is using in these sets are not the most correct.


 - First official release build.