Krayzie Ndure Installer v1.1

Basic outline: 

This softmod installer installs the Ndure Exploit along with Nkpatcher11_UO2 and Evolution X or UnleashX as a dashboard. 
This exploit is compatible with all kernels (all xbox versions) and has the ability to be used with xbox live (it can even 
receive game updates).
Also it has many safety features such as a virtual C and virtual eeprom making it very hard to mess them up and it has 
various bootpaths to ensure you won't have to freak out when you accidentally (re)move/mess up your dashboard.
This package is fully customizable to each ones liking and could be used as a very complete All In One softmod method. 
The main purpose of this installer is to setup an easy and secure way to use a complete softmod with many easy to set up

The installer itself is pretty easy to use as you will be guided through the whole softmod process and every step is 
explained in detail.
Various install options are available like:
-minimum install which will install error free anytime without any requirements like stock C or dashboard version
-basic install which does the main install with all covered options available but has requirements (stock C 5960 dashboard)
-upgrade from 1.0 which upgrades a Krayzie Ndure 1.0 installed package to 1.1 leaving your dashboard intact

Further more when installed it can (optionally) be fully customized using the added Extras option. This ad-on package can 
be used in several ways; just ftp it your Apps folder or burn it to disc and run it. You could even fill this disc with 
your own favourite Apps and Emulators and let the disc copy them to your HD thus eliminating the need of (dangerous) 
autoinstaller discs.
Customizations involve:
-multi boots* to msdash for live gaming 
-multi boots to onlinedash for live account management/signups and live gaming
-multiboots to alternative dashboard (altdash)
-led settings for main and altdash
-fan settings for main and altdash
-SOG RGB support for main and altdash (VGA patches)
-force progressive scan for main and altdash
-test and replace dashboard function for own added dash
-backup and restore dashboard option
-set bios to 06 (F drive takes rest) or 67 (F drive takes up to 137 GB and G takes rest)
-load dashboard in unprotected state (professional mode)
-update virtual eeprom

*multiboots let you boot different dashes and states by using different buttons to power on making it possible to for 
instance boot UnleashX using the power button and boot a live safe msdash using the eject button. The two types of 
multiboots are dual-boots and tri-boots (tri boots do the same as dualboots but have an extra safety feature and 
closes the tray automatically

And last but not least one could setup up a rescue disc to restore your Dashboard or even your whole C and E partitions 
after certain mess-ups.

For more in-depth info/usage check the readme


Thanks to everybody supporting me and my previous installers. If it wasn't for the great responses I wouldn't have made 
this one too ;) 

Special Credits to the coders, tools producers and other people involved in turning the exploits to the stable standard of 
modding it is now and did it all without gaining ANY profit from it.
The xbox-linux crew, Rmenhal, Angerwound, Pedrospad, Devz3ro, ldots, dr oldschool, xman954, DaddyJ, Triggernum5, kingroach,
Ndure Protagonist, Cio, ipodder2003 and anyone else I might have forgotten

Thanks (obviously) to X-S for their great site and forums and making modding accessible for everyone.

Thanks to all the peeps visiting the Exploits forums on a regular base and share their knowledge with others.

And of course many thanks to the beta testers.