XMugen-linux Beta 0.1

XMugen-linux is not an xbox port of mugen, it's a mini linux distro reduced to it's minimum in order to launch mugen.
BEWARE: it's a early BETA version which has not been tested !

2 joysticks should be supported.
If you want to add things into mugen, refer to the web pages you will find on internet (take care with the linux compatibility of these addons).

Installation and use:
Uncompress and put the mugen directory in the e of your xbox.
Copy the linuxboot.cfg into the root of e (if you have linux installer, add the content of this file into your own linuxboot.cfg)
Install the default.xbe somewhere and add a link from your dashboard to this xbe.
Launch the xbe (gentoox loader)
Wait for linux and after mugen.
To answer y, press the left analog stick.
To answer F1, press the right analog stick.

To do:
-Add a proper reboot when exit mugen (partition are not unmounted in current version of Xmugen-linux!)
-use the real joy2key instead of my ugly hack ! 

Chips (c) 2005
On my web page, you'll find my others xbox project:
-thomson to7 emulator.
-macintosh emulator.
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-zx81 emulator.
-customisation of xecuter logo xecuter for x2 bios.

and the source code of all my emulators ports !